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6 Most Critical Elements of a Successful Website

polevaultYour website is the face of your business on the web. And for many, it’s the face of your business – period. As such, it’s your most important platform for connecting to new, potential clients.

But for many people, their website is missing some very critical elements. These missing elements are often very simple – both to understand and to add to your site. Yet not having these critical elements keeps your website from helping you find new clients. What’s worse – it stops your potentially perfect clients from finding you.

Let’s take a brief look at what these 6 critical elements are and how they can make the difference between your website getting you clients or giving you a headache: [Read more...]

How to Create Offers Your Audience Needs, Wants and Will Buy.

buffetThere are three ways to create offers your audience wants:

  1. Create what you want, regardless of what people in your audience wants.
  2. Create what you think the people in your target audience wants.
  3. Create what the people in your target audience tells you they want.

Well, the first option doesn’t work?

That should be clear. If you just create the offers you want and don’t really think about your audience wants, it’s pretty likely they’re not going to buy what you offer.

The second option can work.

And that’s because guessing does work from time to time. Some times you’ll guess right and people will buy your offers. But maybe just as often, or more, you’ll guess wrong and be disappointed in the results.

The third option works every time.

This only makes sense. Just stop and think for a second. If someone tells you what they want and you create what they want doesn’t it only make sense that they’ll buy what you create?

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Friends, Coaches, Alternative Healers…Is It Time To Redesign Your Website?

I’ve gotten this question a bunch lately. So much that I thought I’d record my most recent Monday Mentoring session on it.

The question: How do I know it’s time to redesign my website?

There’s many, many answers to this question. Yet, I’m going to share with you five of the biggies. And as you listen to this short audio clip (~8 minutes) see if your website has any of these symptoms.

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Want to Learn 97 220 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website?

There are a number of questions I get asked often by my clients about developing and growing their business using their websites.

But I’d say one question is asked more than any other – “how do I get (more) traffic to my website?”

Since I seem to seldom lack for ideas, I thought I’d start writing them down. Next thing I knew I had a list of nearly 100 ways to drive traffic to your website. Since all of these are things I’ve done at one time or another I knew they worked.

But I didn’t stop there. I started brainstorming even more ways to drive traffic. Then I had a few close colleagues take a look at my list and they added a few. Now the list is over 180 viable methods for driving traffic to your website.

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Welcome Back Joanna

Want to learn how to write with confidence?

Well my friend and fellow blogger, Joanna Young, is back! Where’d she go? Well, first she moved her blog from TypePad to WordPress – a move that I fully support and applaud her for. Then, she took a week off from writing to move into her new home. Can you imagine….not blogging for a whole week? I recently did it a couple of times and it wasn’t that bad – though I did miss writing.

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Business Management Advice: Why Your Small Business Needs To Fail

We all want to talk about success in our small business, don’t we? How we overcame this obstacle to come out the other end successful. Or how we fought for our vision to create the business we want. The media is filled with stories of how ‘one man (or woman) beat the odds and became success.’

Yet what we seldom hear about are the business lessons that led to that success. Lessons that weren’t born from knowing exactly what to do and succeeding. But business lessons that were forged out of trying something and having it not go the way you want. Business lessons that come out of failure.

Failure provides an immense opportunity.  Sure, success provides opportunity as well. But I’ll venture to guess that if you consider the most valuable lessons you’ve learned in your business, they come from things that didn’t work. Or at least didn’t work the way you expected.

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