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6 Reasons Life Coaching Websites Fail

Life Coaching Websites FailWhy is it that most life coaching websites fail?

That question shouldn’t come as a shock. It may be that your own website isn’t getting you the results you want or expect.

Some people say that there’s too much competition out there. That life coaching websites fail because there’s too many people doing life coaching. Well, I certainly don’t believe that’s true. There’s far, far, far more website designers than life coaches. While there are certainly struggling website designers there’s many more who are squeaking out a living – or better. And there’s more potential life coaching clients out there than website clients.

So if it’s not competition, what is it? Let’s look at a few reasons life coaching websites fail.

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Don’t Let a Little Fear Stop You From Doing What You Love

Don't Let a Little Fear Stop You From Doing What You LoveDo you remember the first time you rode a bike as a kid? I do. I remember being scared out of my shorts. I remember my dad saying, ‘son, don’t let a little fear stop you from doing what you love.’

Those words have stuck with me since. Don’t let a little fear stop you from doing what you love.

That’s the same lesson I was trying to teach my my little girl the other day when I took her off her training wheels to go on a family bike ride around the neighborhood.

On one hand, she was excited. But at first the excitement was buried under immense fear that she couldn’t do it and was going to get really hurt. She drug her feet (literally!), wouldn’t cooperate and eventually cried as she told me she can’t do it. The whole time she just wanted me to protect her and help her know everything would be okay. Of course, we’d been practicing for a couple weeks – little-by-little – so I knew it would be. [Read more...]

How Life Coaches Can Make Website Marketing Simple

How Life Coaches Can Make Website Marketing SimpleAfter all these years I’m still amazed at how difficult people make marketing online.

It just doesn’t have to be that way. You can make website marketing simple.

I won’t waste either of our time with why website marketing can seem complex, complicated and overwhelming. You probably already have enough experience yourself to know what’s not working.

So we’ll focus on what does work. More specifically we’ll spend the rest of this sort article looking at the three uncomplicated things you need to make website marketing simple. Each of these have their own details. But if you have – and use – the basics you’ll have everything you need to successfully marketing your website and your business online.

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Have You Forgotten Why You’re in Business? I’m Guilty!

have you forgotten why you're in businessIt’s true, I am guilty.

The past few years has seen my life take many unexpected twists and turns. All right, let’s not sugar coat it. There were times where events in my personal life seemed flat out impossible to deal with. I won’t get into the gory details here but it was horrific at times. I suffered, my kids suffered, and my business suffered.

So often these past few years I was just getting by; doing what I could to keep my family going. I had lovely clients and did good work for them. I always tried to give my best to my clients. But due to my personal life I could never be as engaged with my business…with my clients…as I wanted to be. Honestly, it just wasn’t possible. [Read more...]

6 Most Critical Elements of a Successful Website

polevaultYour website is the face of your business on the web. And for many, it’s the face of your business – period. As such, it’s your most important platform for connecting to new, potential clients.

But for many people, their website is missing some very critical elements. These missing elements are often very simple – both to understand and to add to your site. Yet not having these critical elements keeps your website from helping you find new clients. What’s worse – it stops your potentially perfect clients from finding you.

Let’s take a brief look at what these 6 critical elements are and how they can make the difference between your website getting you clients or giving you a headache: [Read more...]

How to Create Offers Your Audience Needs, Wants and Will Buy.

buffetThere are three ways to create offers your audience wants:

  1. Create what you want, regardless of what people in your audience wants.
  2. Create what you think the people in your target audience wants.
  3. Create what the people in your target audience tells you they want.

Well, the first option doesn’t work?

That should be clear. If you just create the offers you want and don’t really think about your audience wants, it’s pretty likely they’re not going to buy what you offer.

The second option can work.

And that’s because guessing does work from time to time. Some times you’ll guess right and people will buy your offers. But maybe just as often, or more, you’ll guess wrong and be disappointed in the results.

The third option works every time.

This only makes sense. Just stop and think for a second. If someone tells you what they want and you create what they want doesn’t it only make sense that they’ll buy what you create?

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