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Archives for December 2006

Happy Holidays

I’m going to be away until Jan 2 for some much needed (and deserved) personal time with my family. 2007 looks to be an exciting year at Healthy WebDesign. So look for a lot of updates, changes and growth this next year.

Please enjoy your holidays and have a wonderful new year.

See you soon.


Launch: LionHeart

I just completed a new design for LionHeart Consulting. I did the site architecture and coding (xhtml/css) using the visual design from Mary Elliott, their graphics designer. We worked together to formulate the final visual look, making sure all the site elements fit well with the visual design. Mary is a very talented print graphics designer. I’m aware she has a website so if you’re interested in contacting her, let me know and I’ll pass you on her email address.

About LionHeart, they’re a business consulting group who help businesses increase their bottom line without compromising the quality of life of decision makers and employees. I personally know the team and know, from experience, that they do a terrific job. Read their Leadership Imperative white paper and you’ll get a clear idea of what they can do for your business.

WordPress Podcast

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan of WordPress. I love the ease of setup. I love the ease of use. I love how it automates trackbacks and feeds. I love plugins. And I really appreciate (read: love) being able to customize it. And, there’s so much more.

Today I found a podcast all about WordPress. It’s supported by the WordPress Community. The byline reads: WordPress users helping other WordPress users. I love that too. That being an open source community helping each other. Three cheers for open source.

Anyhow, with any further love-fest with WordPress, check out the podcast.

Aweber Forms – Easier is Better

Aweber is constantly creating a better and better service for their users. That’s one of the reasons I like using them so much.

Now, creating forms for your website using Aweber’s Web Form Generator just became simpler and more intuitive. And the ‘how-to’ video makes learning easy.

My Commitment to Email…

I’m still thinking about the study I posted the other day about email responses. I’m pretty moved with the idea that most customers/clients want less than 24 hour responses to email and most businesses are averaging 72 hours.

I know that I sometimes respond to my clients quickly and sometimes not. My clients are always impressed when they email me and I reply in minutes. And I know that whenever I have my momentary lapses in email – sometimes a couple of days while I’m heavily working on site development, my clients are less happy – and maybe, at times, feel unheard.

So, I’m going to make a commitment to replying to email on a more regular basis. Instead of checking my inbox twice per day (once in the morning, once in the later afternoon), I’m going to check it every two hours and set aside 10 minutes each time to respond to messages. Let’s see how that changes my client service.

Respond to Email fast, or else…

We all might want to rethink how much importance we put on email. I know many of us think of it somewhat casually. You know, we can get back to the person at our convenience. Just be sure you don’t wait too long to find a convenient time.

On Discontas I found an interesting post about what customer expect from you when they send an email request.

Recent studies indicate that when customers or potential customers contact an online organisation, 80% prefer communicating by email over phone and over 50% will not do business with a company if they do not receive an adequate response to their email within 24 hours. The average response time to a customer email inquiry is 72 hours.

Most online organisations communicate regularly with customers and clients by email, but few provide a level of email customer service that satisfies their customers.

Interesting. There’s a big gap between 24 and 72 hours. I wonder how much more business we could each land if we were more responsive to email requests? Moreover, if we were really on top of email with our clients, giving them amazing service by quick responses, I wonder how differently they might talk about us to their friends and collegues.

What do you think?