As if you haven’t gotten enough of me lately with My Absolutely, Gotta Get Goals and Are You Fully Expressed in Your Business. Now I’ve got my first interview.

Amanda Harris from The Blog World posted an interview we did a short time ago. Mainly she asked me questions about problogging. Yet, I don’t consider myself a problogger so I got to answer the questions in a more unique way.

And I got to share some of the ways I look at the blogosphere – which was great to be able to do in that setting. For instance…

What tips for promotion do you have? One really, find your passion and write about it. Whether your a problogger, business blogger, or blogging about your favorite hobby. People respond to passion. So find it! Get clear where it is and tap it each time you write about it. And watch, when you really find it your traffic, relationships, and comments will go up.

The dearest question she asked was…

At the end of the day when you look at what you've created what do you think? Personally I am amazed. I'm completely floored at the success of my blog. It's beyond what I thought. I'm completely blown away by the relationships I've already made with some pretty influential bloggers. I did not expect the business opportunities that I've found either. But overall, I'm humbled by the fact that everyday people read my blog and they take time to comment. That really moves me. Which motivates me to be an even better blogger and writer.

So please, take a read.

I had a lot of fun and would love to do more interviews. So if for some reason you’d love to interview me, give me a holler. I quite comfortable with topics ranging from web-based business to marketing to anything blog-related. I also can speak on spirituality, personal growth, human consciousness, overcoming personal obstacles and similar topics.

Where have you been interviewed? Or who have your interviewed recently? Links welcome.

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  1. Armen says


    Like I’ve already said, I really enjoyed this interview.
    I was wondering if you could elaborate on “spirituality” though?

  2. Dawud Miracle says


    Very good question, very complex answer. And a topic that I could in no way fully express in the simple space of a comment on a blog. Doing so would likely create far more questions than answers.

    I can tell you that I look at spirituality as the unfolding, or unveiling, of the truest depths of our being. Not in some new age, or trite way. But rather in the deepest teachings, and knowledge handed down to us through the Prophets.

    After a long and exhaustive search, I found my path in Sufism. Sufism is a very complex thing to understand and if often misunderstood by westerners. It took me years to overcome my preconceptions to find it’s essence. Yet at its essence is that through study, practice, good action and the highest morality, one can “be opened” to direct experience of God. This is innate in all of us. Really, it’s a birth right.

    So for me, spirituality is the process of unveiling the truth of our existence, breathing it into the world and embodying this truth in our daily lives – our families, our work , our worship.

    What it doesn’t mean is conversion. I have no concern about ‘creating more Sufis.’ Instead, I have great interest in brining love, peace, mercy and kindess to the world. I can’t do that through making diffences with people. I’ve never understood how someone could say they love you but their actions speak otherwise. Sufism is about living these qualities.

    This is getting long. I would guess my comments would raise many questions – and perhaps even debates. Just know I’m not interested in debating religious or spiritual beliefs. I trust that everyone is led to the place they need for surely God knows and I know not.

    Though if you’d like to dialogue further about similarities and how our beliefs can bring more love and kindess to the world, I’m game.

    Thank you for asking this question. I pray that something of an answer is helpful.

  3. Armen says

    Dawud – Thank you for taking the time to answer in a substantial manner. I had to go and ‘wiki’ Sufism to read a little about it because I’ve never heard of it.

    And don’t worry, I’m not desiring to get into a debate. I was genuinely interested in what you meant when you said “spirituality”.

  4. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks. Over the web, it’s hard to tell sometimes why people ask questions about politics or religion. I took down my blog last year – EverydaySufi; partly because it took too much time away from my business and family and partly because I was getting people wanting to debate religions. So perhaps I’m a bit shell-shocked from that experience.

    Thank you for understanding. And I’m always open to a dialogue about Sufism.

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