First off, I love Christine Kanethe person and the musician. Though, truthfully, they really seem to be one and the same.

Anyhow, I find Christine’s music full of witty lyrics (free song download) and tons of emotion – like she’s singing from her soul. I’ve only seen her play live twice – once on a rocking boat. And each time at least one of her songs has brought tears to my eyes (no kidding). Spending time with her it’s obvious she’s found an inner peace and a grounded depth that gushes through her personality.

Yeah, I could go on. But let’s leave it at – she’s quite a lovely person and an excellent singer/songwriter. If she’s playing near you, it’s worth a evening to see her play.

Beyond Christine’s music, however, you’ll find a savvy and knowledgeable a niche marketer. She’s learned over the years that she can serve an audience’s needs while maintaining a music career. And like any niche marketer, she’s had to learn how to position herself correctly to reach a market who’s interested in her. In other words, she makes is more possible for people who like her type of music to find her.

At SOBCon08 last weekend, she sat down with Paul O’Flaherty from FuelMyBlog to chat about music, blogging, business and new opportunities for musicians using social media.

From the interview (below): “…blogging for me has enabled my creativity to reach people who wouldn’t in a hundred years go out to a club.”

I’ve posted the interview (less than 15 minutes) below so business owners – musicians and otherwise – can see a successful niche blogger share what she’s learned about social media that’s made her successful. The beauty is I hear a marketer as much as I do a blogger or a musician.

Christine Kane Broadcast your self LIVE

At SOBCon08, Christine gave away her latest, live 2-CD release titled, Christine Kane: A Friday Night in One Lifetime. It’s great. Includes her ever interesting storytelling between songs. Check it out.

Tons of great stuff came out this video. What did Christine say that you could use in blogging your business? And how can you see applying her experience to your own blog (and business)?

Let’s talk about it.

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  1. Christine Kane says

    Wow. See, I never know if I’m supposed to respond to something like this – or if I should just be the uber-cool musician-type and pretend I never saw that you linked to my blog or that I read the lovely things you’ve written! So, I’m opting out of cool. (which is always the wise choice!) Thanks so much for this. It made my heart feel good.

    And thanks for an amazing conversation at SBUX on Sunday morning. You and Ann and me — we were on a roll! It was actually one of the highlights of the weekend for me!

    Thanks Dawud. I’m sure we’ll be connecting more in the future!

  2. Home Recording says

    I have heard Christine Kane’s music on discs. She is truly magnificent and I hope to catch her live some day. I am not surprised that you were moved by her music. Even listening from a record she does that to me.

  3. Dawud Miracle says

    You’re a blogger, of course you’re supposed to respond.

    I loved our chat Sunday morning as well. Definitely one of the highlights of my weekend.

    Please feel free to contact me any time. Doesn’t matter what for. To say ‘hi’ is certainly welcome. To talk business or run an idea by me is fine. And if you want to dive on deeper subjects, I always wear my diving suit.

    And Christine, thank you for your music. I was listening to your new CD yesterday and love it. Can’t hear Right Outta Nowhere enough.

    Home Recording,
    Then until you get a chance to see her, you’ve gotta get her new, live, CD.

    I love this interview as well. Much of what she says applies to all businesses, not just musicians.

  4. Rebate Processing says

    Wow, great stuff!

    Thanks a bunch for that link, I enjoy her music, she is really quite talented!!

  5. Adam Kayce says

    Christine is great; hanging out with her at SOBCon this year was one of my big highlights (love ya, Christine!).

    I finally got a chance to watch the whole video (well, listen to it while I worked), and she’s right on. I really like her laid-back approach, and the way she’s made blogging work for her on so many levels.

  6. How to become a singer says

    I do really agree with her strategy as a blogger and a musician. As a blogger, you can reach a wider audience who are not typical concert or club goers; like me I have blog about my singing skills. It amazes me because I meet a lot of persons in the internet who came to like your talent which have different opinion to the one you meet in the club.

    It is like going to a concert and after that; potential fans wants to sign up for your fan mail and buy your CD. The same thing goes for blogging, with a potential fan reaching your blog, listening your music; it looks the same thing as the guy/gal in the club.

    Lots of strategies not only blogging but having your music video posted in You tube offers a lot of exposure to targeted visitors. I mean a lot of artist get signed and discovered using that strategy alone.


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