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Distribute Your Content and They Will Come

Your website is done. Your content is really good. Your design is elegant and complements to your content beautifully. You’ve set up your enewsletter campaign with a great giveaway. Now, all you need is traffic. So how do you get it.

The answer is obvious, right? You need to get in the search engines.

Everyone you know has told you this. They even suggest search phrases (or keywords) that you should be using to get ranked high in search results. And, of course, you have your own ideas for search phrases as well. All you have to do is put those keywords in your web pages and sit back and wait for the flood of visitors.

If only it were that simple.

Search engine placement and optimization takes a lot of time and effort. More time, even, than effort. And today, with so many websites vying for those valuable positions at the top of the search results, it can be very difficult to make your website visible. Especially if you’ve just finished your first website or if you content has greatly changed. So while your efforts with the search engines will payoff in the long-run, don’t expect too much from them immeditately.

But don’t loose hope. In my last newsletter I covered seven strategies for building traffic without concerning yourself with the search engines. Today I want to expound a bit on, perhaps, the most useful and powerful of those strategies: Distributing Your Content.

There are many website owners who are constantly looking for good content. Guess what, you likely have good content. Not only that, you know how to write good content. And even if you don’t feel you content is good (who ever thinks that their writing is good, anyway?), it probably has more value than you think. So share what you have; share what you know.

Even better, write some new pieces that are targeted specifically to each of the websites you want to submit content to. Your articles don’t need to long and the writing doesn’t need to win you a Pulitzer. You just need informative and helpful articles that will add value to people’s lives.

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Is Your Site Relevant?

You have a website and need to know how to “get in the search engines.” Or, you are just starting a website and need to know the same thing. The bottom line is, whether you have a website or just beginning, you need visitors.

Conventional wisdom says get listed for some search terms (often called keywords) and you’re all set.

This isn’t necessarily the case, however. Search engines have a business too. Their business is in giving their users the most relevant results for their search. That means the role of the search engine is not about marketing your website. It’s actually about meeting the needs of their customers – everyone who is looking for something on the internet.

I often tell my clients, don’t expect help from the search engines. And certainly not right away. You won’t begin to see much traffic from the search engines until your website (and your business) have a level of relevancy on the web for your products or services.

So how do you gain relevancy? By getting lots of visitors to your site.

I know, I can hear you saying, “Wait a minute! If I’m going to get no help from the search engines in getting visitors until my site has some relevancy, but most people use the search engines, how will I ever get rankings? And actually, I’m not even sure what ‘relevancy’ means.”

Well, being a relevant website first means that the content of your website is consistent with your business focus and that you’re using key terminology in your content to describe what your business. Secondly, it means that within your business niche you are mainstream enough to be important to potential clients while being unique enough to set yourself apart from the mainstream.

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Small Business Marketing Question: What's Your Email Address?

Last week, a man named John contacted me to inquire about building him a website.

He used the FREE 30-Minute Initial Consultation form on my website to set up our initial appointment and to tell me a bit about his business needs.

John and I met by phone a few days later. At the end of our phone conversation I gave him a quote for the work he needed done. And on the spot, he hired me.

Now this isn’t unusual. More often than not, the clients I work with come through my website, either directly or by referral. They utilize my 30 minute free consult. I give them a quote. Shortly after, and sometime on the call itself, they decide if I’m a good fit for their needs or not.
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Should I Blog?

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Everyone seems to be asking me about blogs. What is it? Do I need one? Where do I get one?

So I thought I’d answer some of these questions in this month’s newsletter. And specifically I want to answer the question…”Should I Blog?”

What is a ‘Blog’?
Simply, a blog is an online journal stored on a website. Just like with your bound journal, you make post entries into your blog. These entries are then recorded and posted to your blogging website. However, unlike a paper journal, what you write is available for the entire world to read.

Why would I want someone to read my journal?
Simple, because you have something to share. Blogs aren’t, necessarily, about your deep, inner personal thoughts (though they can be). They are about anything that interests you. That’s one of the beauties of blogging – you write about what you know or have interest in. So your blog can be about anything – a business niche, an area of expertise, even a hobby. The sky’s the limit. You’ll even find blogs that are simply links to the updates in other blogs.

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