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As a coach, holistic practitioner or any other type service provider, you want a website that will generate more leads, get your more clients and help you sell your products and services. It’s likely you’ve been told by tons of so-called experts all sorts of things to do to make your website sell your offer.

But what makes your website work for your business? What do you actually need to do to get the results you want?  How can you finally have a website that delivers people who are ready to buy from you?

With the web full with mountains of poor, contradictory and ineffective information on how to use your website effectively, I wanted to give you something that cuts to heart of the matter; a guide that explains, one element at a time, the 10 Elements you need to create a successful website. Here’s what’s inside:

  • 3 Essential Characteristics of a Successful Website
  • Element #1: Get a Website You Can Modify, Update and Control Yourself
  • Element #2: Make Friendly with Google
  • Element #3: Get a Blog and Use It!
  • Element #4: Help Potential Clients Easily Contact You
  • Element #5: Be Social: Link to Your Social Media Accounts
  • Element #6: Build a Following of Potential Clients
  • Element #7: Make Your Website About Them
  • Element #8: Pour ‘Em Through the Funnel
  • Element #9: Motivate Your Visitors to Action
  • Element #10: Measure, Evaluate, Refine

And, of course, there’s more. The last page is the 10 Elements on a single page with a brief summary for each that you can print, put by your computer and use as a guide every day. And on top of all that, I even have some special offers for you that are only available once you’ve read the Guide.

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Client Producing Websites:

10 Elements Your Website Must Have In Order To Get You More Clients, Sell More Products, And Make More Money.

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