Are you struggling with your business?

Do you want to generate more revenue?

Is your website or blog not performing the way you need or expect it to?

It could be that you’re in the right place. I helped countless business owners solve problems such as these:

  • Create and execute a marketing plan that actually generates business
  • Find the right pricing for your products and services that will allow you to reach your revenue goals
  • Position yourself properly in your niche so that customers know when it’s time to work with you
  • Identify and communicate the problems you solve for your clients – in language they understand
  • Create a workflow and business structure that makes space for you to grow your business while giving you more time
  • Determine who your client or customer really is – and what problems they face
  • Use blogging and other social media to increase your reach and grow your business
  • Develop a website and/or blog that can truly generate business and make you more money

Any of these ring a bell? Maybe more than one? If so, just skip the rest and contact me right away for a FREE 20-Minute Advisory Session. We’ll discuss your specific problems and how they can be solved.

There are three primary areas that I can help you with your business:

  1. Rapidly Grow Your Business
    You need to make more money and want more free time in your business. Perhaps you have a whole bunch of great ideas and no time to implement them. Or it could be that you need more clients, but don’t know how get them. Whatever your circumstance, you need someone to advise and coach you toward reaching your business goals. Read on…
  2. Blog Design, Development and Coaching
    You want to use blogging and other social media to market your business, but you’re not sure how. What you’ve tried isn’t working and you’re considering giving up. Perhaps you’ve reached your plateau and can’t get past it. Or maybe you just need to get a blog up so you can learn how to use it. You need someone who understands the technical, promotional and conversational sides to social media and who can explain it in plain english – all toward getting result. Read on…
  3. Website Design
    You need a website or blog designed. You want them integrated so you can take advantage of the traffic you’ll drive through your blog to promote your services on your website. You’d like to easily update your content yourself and perhaps even learn how to use your site to grow your business. And it wouldn’t be too bad if we snuck a little business development in as well. Read on…

As you see, I specialize in business growth and development, product and service development, using social media and blogging to grow your business, positioning and niche marketing, pricing and negotiation, business structure, email campaigns, client-focused copy writing, website traffic generation and statistical analysis, and more. And, let’s not forget I’m also a website and blog designer.

But the bottom line of what what I do is help you reach your business goals. You don’t have to do it alone. Plain and simple. You need a website, got it. Need to make more money, got it. Need to learn how to blog, got it. Want to find more time in your business, got it.

So I ask again…is your business struggling to make generate the revenue you need? Would you like help from someone who will be there to advise you along the way? Then give me call and let’s talk specifically about your situation in a FREE 20-Minute Advisory Session. The call is free and there’s absolutely no obligation.

OR…Get a copy of my FREE guide Client Producing Websites, 10 Elements Your Website Must Have In Order to Get You More Clients, Sell More Products, and Make More Money. In it I remove all the myths and give you straight talk about the ten things you website needs to effectively get your more clients, sell more products and courses and make more money.