From time-to-time, we all need a little help.

Sometimes we need someone to be the sounding board we bounce ideas off. Other times we need help getting over some hump that’s keeping us from getting more clients. And then there are the times when we want to take our business to the next level; to re-focus our business model, launch a new program or manage a campaign.

I know this has been true for me. And I’m going to guess it’s true for you too.

But it’s not always easy to know who you should turn to for help. Like me, you want to trust anyone who’s advising you on your business. At the same time, you want to feel confident and at ease when you talk with each other. Yet most importantly you want a business advisor who you communicate well with, who’s patient and who listens to your needs.

It’s these reasons, along with others, that I want to offer you a FREE 20-minute advisory session.

With no obligation, no pressure and no agenda, you and I can talk specifically about your business needs; things like:

  • Building your next (or first) website or blog
  • Creating a web presence that will help you get more clients
  • How to use your website and/or blog to grow your business
  • Developing strategies and tactics for getting more clients
  • Using social media effectively to meet your business goals
  • How to implement the marketing programs you’ve bought
  • Positioning yourself effectively in your niche market
  • How to establish and display your expertise
  • Finding a workflow that fits your most limited resource – time
  • How to grow and market to an email list
  • Creating products that will increase your revenue
  • Using your web stats to understand what’s working (and not) with your website
  • How to effectively measure and evaluate your marketing efforts
  • Ways to bill your work that will get you off the feast-famine cycle
  • or anything else you want to talk about around your business

No kidding. I’m here to help you. You may use our 20 minutes together to discuss anything you like. I won’t make any sales pitches nor any type of hard sell on our call. This time is about you!

If we are a good a fit – meaning if you think I can help you solve the problems you face in your business or with your web presence – we can talk about what it will look like to work together – including pricing. And if not, then we won’t. Either way, I’m making myself available to you so you can get solutions to some of your business problems.

So if you’ve read down this far, there’s only one thing to do: Request your FREE 20-minute phone advisory session with me by filling in the form below:

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