Would You Like to Grow Your Business?

If you’re like most small business owners or independent professionals you stand alone. Which means you and your business must rely on what you know to reach it’s goals.

But likely, you’ve not trained in how to position your business, create your marketing message, or understand the needs of your target audience – hence you struggle to increase your revenue to the levels you need. Moreover, you’re probably guessing at how to structure your business for greater productivity so even if you got more business, you couldn’t maintain it long.

Then there’s your income. Are your billable hours limiting your potential to grow? And when you negotiate a new contract, do you feel like you got the short end of the stick?

Most of the problems you face in your business are easily solved. The trick is, you’re probably not the one to solve them. Why should you be? You’re an expert in what you do – whether coaching, consulting, design or any other profession. You help your clients overcome their obstacles or complete their projects. So wouldn’t it make sense that you need someone to help you overcome yours?

The bottom line is, you’re an expert in what you do. You shouldn’t be expected to be one in what you don’t do. Rather, you should find someone who is an expert at business development, positioning and niche marketing, product and service development, pricing and negotiating, business structure and productivity and work with them.

That’s where I come in.

My purpose is to provide my clients with the opportunity to rapidly grow their business. I do this by helping you develop a concise, customized systematic program to structure, position, market & negotiate with your clients to produce long-term sustainable growth in your business.

If you are:

  • limited in your income growth due to your current business structure
  • tired of working more for your clients business than your own
  • trapped in an ongoing cycle of having to chase new projects, clients & billable hours
  • tired of not having your expertise truly appreciated
  • being underpaid for your services
  • forced to take on projects you don’t like to pay the bills
  • not having fun any more

…then I can help you.

Most small business owners and service professionals are stuck in the same low-paying business model of chasing projects and billable hours. Most service providers are. And it’s not your fault because no one ever showed you better way where you can greatly increase your income while creating more time in your business.

What I do is help you:

  • structure your business to enable you to maximize your earning potential
  • learn how to grow your clients businesses instead of just performing a service
  • lock up clients on long term contracts producing predictable flows on income
  • negotiate contracts in a way that insures you earn what you are worth
  • structure your daily work flow to insure that growing your business comes first
  • break out of the cycle of having to chase projects, clients & billable hours – immediately
  • position your business to have clients come to you instead of you having to chase them
  • position yourself as the true expert you are in your clients eyes
  • qualify your prospects so you can only take on clients & projects that insure you are paid what you are worth
  • stop being treated like a service provider by your clients
  • not have to take on any projects or clients you don’t like
  • enjoy what you do again

Truly, grow your business isn’t as hard as you might think – even in the current economic conditions. The key is the get the help you need. So contact me for a  FREE 20-Minute Advisory Session where we can discuss your specific business situation.

Or get a copy of my FREE guide Client Producing Websites, 10 Elements Your Website Must Have In Order to Get You More Clients, Sell More Products, and Make More Money. In it I remove all the myths and give you straight talk about the ten things you website needs to effectively get your more clients, sell more products and courses and make more money.