custom-sites2How would you like a fully custom website design while being able to control how much it will cost?

It’s difficult these days to get a custom built website for under $2500. And often the costs of a custom website can be $5000 and up.

Now many people work with me in my 3 month Website Without Overwhelm Program where they get a fully custom website and nearly limitless support and coaching on how to use it to get clients. This is an awesome program full of huge perks. However, sometimes this program can be outside your budget.

So if you’re on a tighter budget, I still want to help you.

Over the years I’ve tried many different ways to help people like you get the website you need without spending over your budget.

Some options I launched were too inexpensive for me and I lost money. Some were still too expensive for you and were not so successful for me. All along I’ve wanted to find that balance between your costs and my efforts. And I wanted to keep the price side of it as low as possible for you.

Without a doubt, I’ve solved this for both of us.

Announcing: You Control Your Price Website Program

This program is very simple so I won’t go on much longer. Here’s how it works:


Simply put, you have COMPLETE CONTROL over the cost.

For me, I have a very clear process for developing websites. After 18+ years I’ve refined it to the point that I can deliver websites quickly.

The best part is my process also guides you. From our first phone call you’ll know exactly what you need to get done to finish our work together and launch your site (basically, write content). And all along the way I provide help, support and guidance to keep you on track.

If you get your content done in the first month, that’s it. If not, then we simply extend the project for another month at 1/2 of the Start Up Fee. That’s how you can control the costs.

And don’t worry, there’s options. If I get your design done but you’re still working on content, you’ll have the choice of working another month with my support or just finishing the content on your own, adding it to WordPress and not paying for additional time.**

Are there any other costs? Hidden costs?

I hope you caught the * on ‘covers nearly everything.’ I always want to be up front with money so there are a few other fees you’ll be responsible for. These are normal website fees. They are:

  • Your domain name – you want to buy this because you want to own it (~$15/yr not paid to me)
  • Your website hosting – this is basically the computer location connected to the internet where your website lives. Many options we can discuss (~$8/mo +)
  • Any third party services – email list subscription (AWeber, iContact, MailChimp, etc), online scheduling, premium plugins, etc, etc. (if necessary)

That’s it. Those are ALL the costs that are independent of me but necessary to have a website. And there are no hidden costs whatsoever.

Hopefully this is simple to understand. If not, I apologize and feel free to contact me to ask questions.

Now, the Start Up Fee.

As we said above, most custom built websites begin at around $2500 and go up in cost from there. Often you can pay $5000-$7500 for a custom built website.

The Single Start Up Fee for this program is: $1850*

Now, what’s ALL included for this price:

  • A fully custom, business-ready website design
  • WordPress so you can manage your site’s content, blog, etc. And the training to use it.
  • Nearly any feature you could need or want included (call me for prices on membership sites and full retail stores)
  • Get coaching and advice on anything involving having a website or marketing online.
  • 4 x 1 hour phone sessions with me where we discuss:
    • Call 1: We talk about your business, figure out your content needs, and discuss your visual design
    • Call 2: We go over your new visual design, you give me feedback so I can make changes, basic intro of how to use WordPress
    • Call 3: Continue work on visual design and get more comfy with WordPress
    • Call 4: Design is finalized, cover launch process, answer questions about WordPress, marketing, etc.
  • Unlimited email support throughout the month
  • ALL this included in the Single Start Up Fee

But Dawud, how do I know you can get my site done in one month?

Simple. I’ve already run this program for more than a year with as many as 10 participants in a given month. About 80% of the time we’ve been completely finished with their sites in 1 month. The rest have been done within 2 months, except in one case where it took us 3 months. And the person who took 3 months changed directions in the middle of the second month (read: very unusual situation).

Also, if we don’t complete your site and it’s my fault – I missed time to due to illness or my kids being sick, planned vacation, power outage or natural disaster, etc – I will add the time to the end of our work together, giving you more time as well.

My guarantee to you is that I will complete all my pieces for your website within a month. And if you have any questions about this, please ask me as I’m happy to clarify any part of this program.

To get started or to ask questions,
contact me by email
or phone me at 303/478-4090

Or, fill-in the form below

* If you need more time than 1 month, we renew our agreement for a second month at $925, or 50% of the full price.

** I want to clarify ‘content’ from above so you’re not confused. Content is, of course, the text for your website’s pages. It also includes any graphics, photos, videos or other media you want to use in your website. It’s your website’s content that you’re responsible for delivering by our deadline, while I’m responsible for everything else. WordPress makes it easy for you to add/edit your content so it is possible for me to complete the design and you to add you content later.