Today it’s absolutely critical that you have a mobile friendly website for your business. Without a mobile friendly website you’re literally losing clients daily.

We all use our phones and tablets to view websites. Most of us are use our phones and tablets more than we do our computers.. And according Google, we’re doing far more searches on our mobile devices than our computers.

Mobile has completely reshaped how, when and where we access the internet.

All of us have looked at websites on our phone that aren’t mobile friendly. Usually the text and images are tiny. We have to pinch our screens just to make the text readable. And when we do we’re forced to scroll sideways – back-and-forth, back-and-forth – in order to read the text. Well that gets frustrating in a hurry, so we leave and find a site that can help us AND is easy to read on our phone.

A mobile friendly website fixes all these problems – and many more.

So having a mobile friendly website isn’t an option anymore. It’s as critical a necessity for your business as your phone number, your cell phone and your email address. Without them, how do you do business?


What message are you sending you clients?

When you don’t have a mobile friendly website you’re telling every person that visits your site on their mobile device that you really don’t care about they want to use your website. For some, you’re even going as far as telling them, “I don’t want you as a client. You should go some place else.”

Seems extreme? Well think about it. We live in a mobile age. So if your website doesn’t work well on mobile devices the message you’re sending is pretty negative. It’s one that’s going to lose your clients before they even speak to you.

Not having a mobile friendly website is not an option anymore!

We’re well past the time where mobile is a fad. Back when 15-20% of website users were on a mobile device, it was fine to not have a mobile friendly website.

But today, in early 2017, more than 50% of ALL website visits are happening on phone and tablets. That means if your website isn’t mobile friendly you’re potentially losing 50% or more of your potential clients.

So having a mobile friendly website is absolute must in today’s world. And the easiest way to accomplish this is with what’s called responsive design:


I like things the way they’ve been, do I really need all this mobile mumbo jumbo?

Well, the truth is, you don’t. You don’t need to worry about a mobile friendly website if…

  • …you don’t care that you’re going to lose 50% or more of your traffic.
  • …you don’t care that you’re email list signups are going to decrease every month.
  • …you don’t care if you’re turning away more than 1/2 of your potential clients.
  • …you don’t mind sending potential clients to your competition.
  • …you don’t care that Google will penalize you for not having a mobile friendly website.
  • …you don’t care that mobile usage is going up each month which means these numbers will get worse over time.

If these things aren’t important to you, then you can just ignore mobile.

But my guess is you do care. You do want more visitors, more subscribers, more clients. So having a mobile friendly website is actually important to you.

The great news…

Let’s say you like your website – but it’s not mobile friendly. No problem. In most cases we can retrofit your current design to be mobile friendly. So you can keep the website design you like so much while making work well on mobile too.

And … maybe it’s time for a new website design. Even better. We can design your new website exactly as you want it and build so it’s mobile friendly too. This solves two problems – new design that’s made for mobile.

Not sure whether your site is mobile friendly or not?

Google has a simple tool for testing whether your website is mobile friendly or not. You can find that tool here:

So what to do now?

If you’re website isn’t mobile friendly, get in touch with me today. We can have a short chat and discuss options that fit your budget.

More importantly, you can get your questions answered. Maybe now is the time to move your site to mobile. Maybe not. But at least you can find out what’s the best path for you.

Contact to me today.

Not convinced that you need a mobile friendly website?

Here’s some things to consider:

  • At the end of 2015, 55% of ALL website traffic was done on a mobile device. And it’s on the rise.
  • Today everyone is on a mobile device connected to the internet. A mobile friendly website is what people want – and more importantly – expect.
  • Your competition has a mobile friendly website or is working on one. That means you’re going to lose clients.
  • You lose credibility with potential clients when your website isn’t mobile friendly. Some people think you’re out of business if your site isn’t relevant and modern – which means mobile friendly.
  • Having a mobile friendly website is not a fad anymore. It’s today’s standard practice. You just need to catch up.
  • Google announced in April 2016 that they would begin penalizing sites that aren’t mobile friendly. If you care about being found in Google, you absolutely must have a mobile friendly website.
  • Mobile users use websites differently than computer users. You want your website to reflect that and make things easier for people to find.
  • People are on their phones much more than their computers. So you can reach potential clients faster with a mobile friendly website because you’re meeting them where they’re spending their time.
  • A responsive website (see video above) adapts to the screen size of the device it’s on. Responsive websites provide much better user experience.
  • 80% of all social media sharing is done on a mobile device. If your website isn’t mobile friendly you’re going to get less and less sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Mobile friendly websites are a much better bathroom experience. As odd as it sounds people don’t take their laptops to the bathroom. But according to statistics, 75% of Americans take their phones or tablets to the toilet. If your website is mobile friendly you can have their attention while they’re ‘sitting there.’

Let’s talk about making your website mobile friendly!