How would you like to market your business online and have a website without overwhelm?

It IS possible.

If you’re like most conscious business owners I work with you have little idea of what it takes to get clients online. And that’s okay. It’s not your area of expertise so you shouldn’t necessarily know a lot about it.

What you do know is it begins with a good website. Yet, you’re not even sure what that means.

Going by price isn’t the best idea. There can be a lot of differences between the  $150 template, the $2000 quote (that will likely grow during the project) or $6000 quote from someone you were referred too. And paying more doesn’t mean getting more.

Website design costs are all over the place. So how do you find what’s best for you when there are so many variables. And how do you get a website without overwhelm?

Actually, most website designers don’t usually build a website without overwhelm.

That’s because most website designers are thinking about how to design or code and not so much about your process in all this. It’s not their fault. They’re job is to design and code – not make you comfortable. Some have chosen to be website designers because they’re more comfortable with computers than with people. Nothing wrong with that – unless you need something more.

Don’t worry, we’re not all like this.

Then there’s the other hole…

The other thing lacking in most website designers is business and marketing knowledge. With their focus on design and coding they often have little time to learn about business, marketing and generating clients. Again, this isn’t their fault as much as it is not their focus.

Yet without the knowledge of how to use your website to find clients you’re not being

So how would you like a website without overwhelm AND the knowledge to use it?

That’s exactly what I do for each and every one of my clients. I will help you get a website without overwhelm and all along the way teach you everything you need to know (and are ready to know) about how to use it to get clients. It’s that simple.

And I’ll meet you where you are. If you’re successful already and need to go the next level, I’ll meet you there. If you’re just beginning – or have had a few false or bad starts – I will meet you where you are too.

Let’s take a look at my 3 month, Website Without Overwhelm Program:

  • We work together as closely as possible for 12 weeks. During that time you get complete and full access to me, what I know and what I can teach you – no holding back. Yet, as stated, I meet you where you are. I tailor each client’s program to their specific needs, capabilities and aptitudes to remove the overwhelm.
  • website without overwhelm 12 coaching sessions12 One Hour Coaching Sessions. We meet weekly and cover topics pertinent to having your business online. This includes, of course, all aspects of building your website, along with clarifying your business, understanding your target audience, developing content, how to market, how to use an email list, how to use social media, etc, etc. As stated, this program is tailored for each individual and INCLUDES NO canned programs.
  • 1384245047Fully Custom Website with All the Bells and Whistles. During our 12 weeks we’ll be developing a custom website for you. This website will be tailor to your specific business needs, the marketing you want to do online and the content you need to create. It’s been my experience that the best websites are created when we’re working on your business plan at the same time as developing your website. That way we can customize the website specifically for your business – as I should be. Few website designers do this.
  • Marketing-PlanMarketing and Traffic Plan. A website is just expensive online real estate if there’s not a plan in place to get traffic and convert that traffic into potential clients. Throughout the 12 weeks, we focus on this a lot. From start to finish we’re developing plan that comes together at the end into action steps you can take each week to build your business online using your new website. Again, I feel this is an imperative step toward actually getting clients online. And very, very few website designers do this either.
  • Support1-1Complete, Unlimited Coaching and Support by Email. In between our sessions I’m available to answer every and all questions you have by email. I do so in a variety of ways – including text, video and audio. Anything I can do to help you, I’ll do. And I mean unlimited. Email me 27 times a week, you’ll get 27 responses. This helps us continue forward during our 12 weeks together. I’ve been offering this for years now and those that use it make huge leaps forward over those that don’t.
  • checklistKnowledge You Can Use. Rather than just theory and strategy, we cover tactics, action steps and how-to. Remember, my entire goal with this 12 week program is to build you a business-ready website AND show you HOW-TO use it yourself. Don’t worry about the techie, overwhelming stuff. I have that covered. And remember, I don’t use canned programs so what we discuss and what you learn will be specifically tailored to your needs, wants and abilities. There’s no ‘have to’s’ with me.

This is by far the most popular way people have worked with me over the past 9 years. Roughly 75% of all my clients choose my Website Without Overwhelm Program because it gives them the greatest support, the most effective teaching, the deepest guidance and the most comfort at getting their business successfully online.

So what does the Websites Without Overwhelm Program cost?

Remember, a good business website will cost you $4000-$6000. That’s just the website. No coaching. No how-to. No handholding to make everything simpler. No help with the online overwhelm. No constant support for your marketing and business needs.

What I charge for the 12 coaching sessions, the custom website, a how-to marketing plan, and complete unlimited coaching by email is:

Investment: $2500/mo for 3 months

I have an incredible offer for you. You can get the full 3 month, Website Without Overwhelm Progam complete with:

  • Fully customized website design with all the bells and whistles – get a new website
  • 12 One Hour Coaching Sessions – we meet weekly and cover everything about marketing online
  • Website Marketing and Traffic Action Plan – you’ll need this when we launch your site
  • Complete, Unlimited Coaching and Support by Email – I mean unlimited
  • Investment: $2500/mo for 3 months.

AND…There’s more…

  • BONUS #1, after we launch your site I’ll include a FREE VIP Coaching Day – you and I work together, one-on-one by phone, exclusively, for 1 day on anything you need help with. This is a group of hands-on, one-on-one sessions completed in one day and meant to kick-start your marketing efforts. I’m with you the whole time showing exactly what to do. Real value – $1500 (that’s my usual rate)
  • BONUS #2, a FREE 90-minute Rent My Brain Session that you can use any time during the 3 months after you launch. Think of this as a 90 minute check-in, evaluation session where I will help you refine your marketing efforts. Real value – $300
  • BONUS #3, 1 year of my soon-to-be-opened WordPress Video Tutorial Library. These are short, topic-centered videos where I walk you through how to do things in WordPress. I’ve always had WordPress tutorial videos but now I’m greatly expanding the catalog and offering it as a low-cost membership of $12/mo. With the fee, I’ll now take requests for tutorials people want to see. Real value – $150/year

Websites Without Overwhelm Program - Start Here!

Or call me at: 303/478-4090

Consider that in 3 months you’re not only getting a new website customized to your specific needs and likes, but you’re also getting me as your full-time business coaching for the full 3 months as well.