I just wrote an article for Dave Schoof about RSS feeds. In it, I describe what an RSS feed is and why you’d want to know about it. In a nutshell, feeds let you get blogger articles, posts and updates without having to check back to the blog site each day. With a feed, you will get updated on new posts as they get published.

There are a number of advantages post provide. One major advantage is that you can track many blogs from one central location. For instance, currently, I track posts on and read over 100 blogs (and the number is growing). Instead of having to take all the time to visit each blog every couple of days, I can open a program (called a feed reader) and it will update me on all posts made to each blog I have feeds to. Huge time saver.

Anyhow, check out the article for more.

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  1. Olly says

    There has been a lot of confusion regarding RSS feeds and what they can do for you. I am glad someone has taken the time to write such an informative article.

    It is also very simple to get your own RSS feed going with wordpress or blogger.


  2. almir bojkovic says

    great info you explained it in a very brief but yet very clear way because many people do happen to yet ubderstand what an rss feed as as they happen to assume its difficult to understand

  3. Vamban says

    Explained about RSS info in unique style. If someone is not aware of RSS, this article will them to make it understand. Cool writeup..

  4. Brandon says

    Just some constructive feedback; I think your site could keep my attention better if it were a little more “airy”. It’s rather busy and distracting for someone like me!

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