Found a great post on To-Done about getting better, more restful sleep. Points 4 (keep the bed for bedtime things), 5 (meditate) & 6 (exercise during the day) have worked for me for a long time.

I also like to spend some time breathing. No really. Doing focused breathing exercises where you bring your breathe low into your belly can really help you relax. It’s great for relieving the stress of the day and for calming the mind. Similar to meditation, I sometimes will practice breathing out stress parts to my day so to not keep them in my body.

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  1. Oleg says

    Yup. I follow those three steps (except substitute meditation for self-hypnosis).

    Still, you get those night’s where you just toss and turn and just can’t seem to shut your body down even though it’s exhausted.

  2. Fulvic Acid says

    Nice informative tips regarding to get better sleep. Here are some tips from me,Keep noise level down much as possible, keep your room dark or make dim lights. Try to get up at the same time every day rather than sleeping in on weekends.

  3. Biokinesis says

    So true? meditation is really a great tool to relax and calm the body. And when you release your stress and worries during the day, you will not have to think about them when you go to sleep and you can therefore get a pleasant, worriless, good night sleep
    Thanks for sharing this advice and your personal experiences.

    Jessica Tanner

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