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Remove Nofollow from Movable Type

I’ve been talking a bunch about removing the rel=nofollow code from links made in comments. If your remember, nofollow keeps Google and other search bots from following the links made in your comments – meaning, no link love to your commenters.

Well, Andy Beard started the campaign to get people to remove nofollow. And I, and number of other bloggers have picked it up.

Now Andy has found a post that explains how to remove nofollow from Movable Type. Take a look.

With the post on removing nofollow from Blogger, that leaves us to work on TypePad. Mike Sansone and I thought we had a solution for TypePad, but it hasn’t tested through with credited link backs in Google or Technorati. He’s still working on it.

So please, pass the word to Movable Type users. And, in general, keep passing the word about removing nofollow from your comments. And join the growing list of members in the Do Follow Community on BUMPzee.

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  1. hi thanks you for adding my blog into ur technorati favourites and i had added ur’s

  2. Hi thanks for adding my blog into technorati favorites and please feel free visiting my blog

  3. Yeah, this is a major advantage that WordPress has over Movable Type: PLUGINS. When the NoFollow controversy started, I went looking for a “DoFollow” for our Movable Type blog (like is available for WordPress), and we ended up having one of our programmers just tweak it himself.

  4. Chris,

    Great to see you back.

    I know. Plugins is one of the major reasons I chose WordPress over Movable Type when I was first looking at blogware. At every turn, I’m glad I did. I also like WordPress’ structure better.

    You know, you could always port to WordPress. WP makes it pretty easy…

  5. how do i remove it from blogger?

  6. kuku man,

    Take a look at this post. Not being a Blogger user, I can’t speak to having tried it to confirm it works. But you could always ask the author of the post if you have trouble.

    Great to see people continuing to drop nofollow.

  7. Nofollow – Error. The structure transfer PR is broken

  8. mon,

    On my blog or on Movable Type?

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