meandbyosko.jpgYesterday, March (oops) May 14th, was Ben Yoskovitz’s Birthday. I won’t tell you how old he is – I’ll leave that to him. But stop by and wish him a Happy Birthday.

And if you have a chance, ask him how the idea for InstigatorBlog got started.

By the way that’s Ben and I at SobCon in Chicago this past weekend.

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  1. Char says

    Dawud – yesterday was May 14, but I’m sure you knew that. I will, however, stop over and wish Ben a Happy Birthday.

    It’s a great picture of the two of you!

  2. Dawud Miracle says


    Did I write that kinda odd. Thought I was saying that yesterday was Ben’s Birthday and that yesterday was May 14.

    Ben’s a great guy, a ton of fun and definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to blogging. And he’s handsome, too, don’t you think?

  3. Ben Yoskovitz says

    Thank you for the well wishes Dawud. Yesterday was May 14th, which was my birthday…

    Took a nice day off, but after that and a weekend at SOBCon it’s hard to get back into the groove!

  4. Dawud Miracle says


    You’re absolutely welcome, my friend.

    I had a light day yesterday as well. Least I could do for my family after being away all weekend. Today is my back-in-the-groove day…except first I had to replace the starter in my Jeep.

    That’s done, now back to work…

  5. Armen says

    Dawud my friend, I think you’ve missed what a couple of people have been trying to tell you. You’ve written March instead of May.

    Or maybe I’m missing something?


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