Most of you know that I’m now a regular contributor on eMoms at Home.

Well, we’ve just published my first post, 12 Things My Three Year-Old Has Taught Me About Building Relationships.

In essence, I share how watching my three year-old daughter, A’esha, make and play with friends has given me insights to creating deeper, more rewarding and mutually beneficial relationships with both friends and clients.

Here’s four of the twelve…

  1. Be nice: Mainly, there’s just few reasons not to be.
  2. Be honest: You’ll both know something’s off if you’re not.
  3. Be open: Sometimes people will surprise you with what they have to teach you.
  4. Be creative: There really is more than one way.
  5. ….(read on at eMoms at Home).


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  1. Adam Kayce : Monk At Work says

    Yep, sweet post. I’m still a bit amazed that you were able to distinguish so many characteristics like that…

    my mind looks at my girls and says, “good.” 😉

  2. Michele says

    I enjoyed reading your post. However, you seemed to leave out one insight gleaned from your daughter to which you had previously alluded. You said in your opener, “She doesn’t shun mean kids. She just chooses not to play with them.”

    Based on that excellent observation, I would add this to your list: “Be discerning: If a relationship (business or otherwise) generates negative energy or regresses from a relationship to a one-way street, perhaps it’s time to drop that relationship and re-focus your energy on more positive pursuits.”

    We’ve only got so much energy to go around…!

  3. Dawud Miracle says


    Thanks. God willing, there’s more to come.


    I guess I sit around sometimes, just watching both my kids, and actually think about how what I’m seeing is affecting me internally. And one thing I can’t help but notice is the raw, unabated joy they experience just in being alive.


    Ooh, good one. Thanks for adding it. I’m going back over to the eMoms post and adding this one. Thanks.

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