This has just about nothing to do with business development, marketing or social media, and I had to share it.

This morning I stumbled a video that I just need to share. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the message or the excellent tutorial involved.

I know it’s not a new video – you may have even seen it already. But I hadn’t. And just in case you hadn’t either, here’s the way to fold a shirt in 2 seconds

[metacafe 753250]

Interesting, huh?

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. It took me just a couple of attempts and I had it down perfect.

Now, what are you going to do with all the time you’ll save folding laundry?

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  1. linkerjpatrick says

    Sure it could have things to do with business development, especially for those who often work from home. Any time saved on non-business stuff frees up time for working the business!

  2. Dawud Miracle says

    Yes, I agree. And you should the post I wrote today about being remarkable.

    Wasn’t that neat?

    Why wasn’t she impressed?

    I had the same experience. I’m folding all my shirts this way now.

    Living Rooms,
    Funny, I don’t mind folding laundry. My issue is getting the laundry between the washer and dryer. I just can’t seem to get that done sometimes.

  3. Home Recording says

    This is indeed a remarkable video and quite how you and linkerjpatrick have reacted to it is very interesting. Good teachers always say that the best lessons one can have are what one observes from ordinary things. As a consultant, you should have come across this cliche, do not do things right, but do the right things or vice versa to suit the situation. This is surely one of those lessons!

  4. Dawud Miracle says

    Home Recording,
    Absolutely. I’m always looking for messages inside what I experience. I guess I’m constantly curious about things and how they relate or tell a story. Thanks for recognizing that.

    Have you tried it?

  5. Paul says

    OK, but you still have to lay each t-shirt flat before you go and fold it. Doesn’t that make this about equal to any other folding method?

  6. Evilbelgian says

    I found this a long time ago but lost the link. nice to stumble upon it now I can conveniantly fold shirts with ease.

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