Yeah, it’s possible. You really can break the internet. Want to find out how, just watch this simple 30 second clip below and you, too, and break the internet.

Go ahead, try it. See what happens.

Pretty funny, huh?

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  1. Kathie Thomas, A Clayton's Secretary says

    I looooooooove that show. Believe me, I’ve done that heaps of times when trying to find something on the Google site – do you know their search takes only 0.3 seconds with an enormous number of references but other searches seem to take much longer? Now, why is that?

  2. Dawud Miracle says

    I tried too. Just thought the clip was cute.

    I’ve searched Google in the past just to see what came up. Found some interesting parts of Google I didn’t know about.

    Home Recording,
    It was a pretty good one, huh? Just sharing a laugh here and there.

  3. DHF says

    Haha…this is hilarious. I wish it was really this easy for the internet to go down…then maybe I wouldn’t waste so much time.

  4. vicemax says

    You People Are Breaking the Internet!

    The Times warns us that because so many people watch funny videos of talking cats and dancing teenage girls on the internet these days, there might not be enough internet left for the rest of us! It’s true: there is only so much internet, and YouTube is using like all of it. “In a widely cited report published last November, a research firm projected that user demand for the Internet could outpace network capacity by 2011.” Oh no! We were totally planning to watch “I’m fucking Seth Rogen” that year! This is almost as bad as the time the internet totally suffered that “catastrophic collapse” in 1996, according to that 1995 prediction by engineer Robert Metcalfe. Man, the internet never recovered that that nonexistent disaster, we can only imagine how it’ll fare after this one. [NYT]

  5. John says

    That was pretty funny – I was trying to guess what she would say – thought maybe something like unplugging your computer. Never thought of googling google.

  6. Jonathan Frank says

    That was great, it made me go back and watch a few of my short clips from Office Space! I did find an interesting article on Fox News about “the grid” from Cern that already has a solution for the shortage of bandwidth on the internet. So don’t worry, watch more videos and have a good laugh!

  7. Webbdesigner says

    Great video! Just to make you jelaous… I have fiber in my house, even though I am living out in the forest! Can’t imagine life without it anymore. A must for a webdesigner/developer/entrepeneur…

    Great blog Dawud!

  8. Power Safety Training says

    Hahahahaaa!! That was rather funny. There is nothing quite like a bit of comic relief to make monday mornings bearable. Thank you for the tonic, sir!

    Now on the subject of “high” speed internet connections, especially fibre-optic cables:

    Living in South Africa I can only dream of having fiber optic cable to my dwelling in the next decade, if then. I am currently sitting on a 384kbs 3G connection, so yeah we can dream……

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