I’ve gotten this question a bunch lately. So much that I thought I’d record my most recent Monday Mentoring session on it.

The question: How do I know it’s time to redesign my website?

There’s many, many answers to this question. Yet, I’m going to share with you five of the biggies. And as you listen to this short audio clip (~8 minutes) see if your website has any of these symptoms.

Listen to my answer to this week’s question: How do I know it’s time to redesign my website?

Is Your Website Needing a Redesign?

So, does your website have some of (or many all of) these symptoms? If so, let’s do something about it. As I said in the recording I don’t use hard selling methods. What I do is tell you exactly what to do to solve your website and online business problems. If after that you want me to be the guy implements the solutions, I’m happy to talk about it. But what you’ll find with me is no hard selling techniques. So contact me right now and let’s setup a time to chat about how you can have a website that really can grow your business.

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One note, I only work with people whose business is providing a service. I seldom work with bloggers who sell advertising or retailers who want an online store. My focus is helping coaches, consultants, alternative healers and such get more clients. So if you’re not in that category I may or may not be able to help you. 

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  1. Stephen Jack says

    Very true, the major symptom is when you feel that users are passing less time on your website. Similarly if your website allows you to attract interact with your visitors and still their are less interactions on your blog then it is a clear symptom that your website is not offering much to its visitors and needs some change.

  2. matty says

    hi dawud

    things like maintaining a professional outlook in terms appearance and navigation to not put-off visitors should be obvious to most.

    i strongly agree with the point you make about being able to manage your own content, with ease. the last thing you need is to rely on someone else when they are available or getting stuck working with complex software, just when you are eager to publish a great post or introduce a product or service.

    as you say there are a number of platforms that are available to all from free to paid services that lets you design, manage content and optimize your sites and this is what we need to take advantage of.

  3. Charlotte Chiropractor says

    I used an glance guy to do my web content, so now I have to figure out how to use wordpress. I definitely think I need to redo my website

  4. Indian wedding blog says

    I am not satisfied answer of “how can we know that we should redesign website or not? I think that we should get idea from webmaster and google analytic. we should re design or not and some time we have to implement new technology then we think that we should change website design according need of business. what you say guys.

  5. Jeff says

    It seems that we end up redesigning our website each year…due to new things becoming popular in the industry and our customer base getting larger. We are just about to go to a new backend system, which I guess is a new design and new cart. I am hoping this will be the last for awhile.

  6. Home Care Man Dan says

    I recently had a site redesigned. One thing that’s for sure, if people come to your site and it looks like it was designed in 1998, you’re not going to get much credibility from potential customers. Apparently, new web design isn’t even done the same as it was back in the day. My old design used tables and today, web designers use DIV tags. The designer said this helps make a more search engine friendly website so if you haven’t redesigned your site in a while, you could really be hurting yourself.

  7. ken says

    after i listened what you said , this can help me to look back my blog whether i need to redesign or not. website should definitely be maintained especially for creating a good design right. thx for this information.

  8. Erik T says

    This is all good and pretty much common sense, but another more scientific way would be usability testing. Fair enough it only works for higher traffic sites, but still you might never know unless you test 2 or more designs.

    On one site in particular niche, using aggressive selling techniques might not work, in another it increases conversions (usually in highly competitive markets)

  9. pension lump sum says

    I am agree with all those points you discussed but no other option with this. I gone for other developer to change view of my site it was going to charge a lot but yes it nice as per you suggested.

  10. Nia says

    Yeah that’s true because the website concepts has been changed, now we need to have well designed website on latest trends and approaches…

  11. Alease Michelle says

    Hello Dawud. I was surprised to hear that 75% of the survey respondents wanted a website that makes it easy for them to find information they were looking for..interesting.

    I always learn so much from you. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Catherine says

    It is important that your website is engaging to attract more visitors. The easier your site to navigate, the more willing your visitors to browse your site.

  13. Michael says

    Sometimes instead of a redesign, it’s better to re-align a site to the new audience, new objectives, new fashions/trends.

    Great advice Dawud about managing own content, and having some kind of fresh content like blog. What are your thoughts about other blog platforms then WordPress, is there anything you wish wordpress had which it doesn’t at the moment?

  14. Websgator says

    I was just now searching for about this when I discovered your post. I?m just stopping by to say that I really enjoyed reading this post, it?s very well written. Are you planning to write more on this? It seems like there is more depth here for more posts.

  15. Mix Twist says

    Learning new things is a good habit and today I come to known another things that if our website speaks to our customer then we can easily create more leads.

  16. Barry Wheeler says

    If you’re bounce rate is going up and up, it may be time for a redesign. Obviously there’s something happening.

    If people can’t find what they are looking for, they’re going to leave right?

    Wouldnt’ that fit in with the 75% mentioned?

  17. Alex says

    You’re definitely right that the business aspect of the website should come before design. Despite this it’s amazing how many small business customers want to concentrate on the design and aren’t particularly interested in what the website will actually do for their business!

  18. Event Coodinator says

    If your visitor bounce rate is very high then you should re design your website and if your website is not indexing in search engines then you should redesign and if your website is not full fill you business requirement then you have to redesigned.

  19. Ted says

    Lack of conversion seems like an obvious reason for wanting to redesign your site. If your site already has excellent conversions with little likelihood of improvement, then why would you mess with success?

    Even if the site look seems kind of out dated, don’t you think that conversions are really all that matters?

    Side note – Your style of embedding audio blog within the written blog is killer Dawud. – Definitely a different and more attractive way of connecting with people.

  20. James says

    I have to say those in the alternative health fields have some of the most old school websites out there. Someone should start a business catering to them to get their sites into the modern age.

  21. JDel says

    Good post/video.
    A lot of people get far too attached to their old outdated website. They need to ensure that content is presented in a fresh and clear way for visitors. Nothing worse for a visitor than not being able to find the content they are looking for.

  22. Megan says

    I agree with you Dawud. However, the design can be had easily. There are lots of professionals you can hire to re/design your site. You can do it yourself if you are willing to learn. The only thing that is really hard is great content. No interesting content? Forget your site looks really nice and Web 2.0. People will look and when they find nothing but eye candy, well… bye bye. I find it that content is what draws the crowd.

  23. christine says

    Well, I guess in every website the first thing that might give it emphasis is its ability to be noticed. Then if customers can easily check and find what they’ve been looking for is another thing.

  24. Vanessa says

    Hi Dawud, Nice Audio! We recently re-designed our website last year. After running it for 10 years we decided it needed a total change. So changed the layout and made it more user friendly, and allowed us to have a system where we can edit content easily. We are working on making our blog more succesful. You give some good tips!

  25. Information Technology Outsourcing says

    Hi! Its really true that redesigning website is necessary in today world.
    Nowadays every one wants to get easily providing informations sites for they wants to know about. Thats why redesign website is much usefull to us and also to other people.
    Thanks for sharing!

  26. Peter says

    Hi Dawud,
    I mean – for redesign is time allways. But it must be perfectly. Redesign can improve traffic to our sites. But you dont wait for decrese traffic, you have to redesign the site in the continously time. No sleep, no eat…just working:-)

  27. Reverse Email Lookup for Free says

    great thoughts. i was wondering about some things that i could do to make my website more user friendly – thanks for the tips!

  28. Mahesh says

    One should re-design his website as the world changes. If you stick with the old design with lesser functionality, then the clients would go to some other websites which uses the current technology in developing sites. As something new comes in the web market, we should start using it right now.

  29. Suzanne says

    Good tip about having a blog ON your website, but I really appreciated the tip about design. Too few coaches invest in their brand – it’s the way to set yourself apart in my opinion.

  30. Paul says

    with the launch of the new facebook i think one of the best things you need to consider is whether or not to give people the option to use the old website design! I honest hate the new facebook i would go back to the old design if it was up to me

  31. aishalal says

    great stuff, having user friendly website is today’s need, any website purpose is achieved when there users a satisfied. to redesign a website ( new changes) these aspects matter a lot.

  32. Stephan Stiss says


    I think that a good design from the start will keep you from redesigning your site every couple of months. I always try to think about which changes will I make in the next year or so in terms of site management. Also saves money.



  33. Plastic Storage Bins says

    i think you need to pay close attention to your competition. If you feel that their site has surpassed yours in terms of user experience, it’s time to upgrade. If you believe that your’s gives the end users the easiest way to surf or shop, stick with it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…

  34. Kredit says

    A new design for a website is never bad. But you should think about what you use it and what it brings with it. If you want to enlarge the page? Which issue should it be? How many sub pages should have the page? This should think carefully and then choose accordingly voher the design.

  35. Creative Team Events says

    We updated our website due to the complexity and time taken to keep the old one going and to implement an integrated. We decided that WordPress is now stable enough to support many hundreds of pages, and it’s proved a great decision.

  36. adum says

    great stuff, having user friendly website is today?s need, any website purpose is achieved when there users a satisfied. to redesign a website ( new changes) these aspects matter a lot.

  37. Alex says

    I totally agree that we must make some changes in the website design. But I think there is a problem: there are always some people, who find your site interesting. And the changes can scare them away.

  38. Maggy Parker says

    Hey Dawud, its great to here and i read your posts. its really good. actually i m doing research about redesign my website and i got your post here. we are going to redesign my website’s.

  39. Deewave says

    Redesigning the website is key to more success and would be appealing to new as well existing viewers and readers.So, in my opinion its great to do it now

  40. marietta luxury homes says

    Since our website designs are the first thing that people would see, I say we should at least keep up with changes of time. Although we should still keep it simple and equipped with an easy navigation, both of which will surely make a visitor happy.

    First impression lasts.

  41. free moving estimates says

    Yes …! It is perfect article to understand when your website may go under the process of redesign.

  42. Another Reason to Homeschool says

    A lot of designers and SEOS dismiss the over all look of the website and forget that it has a major influence on conversions

  43. Today India News says

    True, its important to ask the concern ?why?? before preparing anything. As marketers we have to ask ourselves certain concerns. I discovered the publish very exciting.

  44. Storage auctions says

    One great way to know when you need to redesign your website is when you get a lot of bounces from your homepage…meaning that you have a lot of people visiting that page, but not finding anything interesting enough to click, so they leave.

  45. ANUP says

    its best to learn the tricks of the trade that may help you survive in this competitive world.. You have two options.. either look for some offline coaching or go online. I personally prefer online course ‘coz a) you get the best deal i.e. the teacher at your doorstep b) saves your precious time c) proves economical d) interactive session with 1-1 personal connection

  46. Tandblegning says

    The way the web is moving right now with people using a variety of devices it is really time to start upgrading your site. In order to handle all of these different screen sizes you need to have different versions of your website.

  47. Robert Scold says

    The best time for redesign any website in the months of december,,, It’s really help to make the website search engine friendly….
    The all webmaster known that’s things.

  48. carrollpmitchell says

    hi,nice post very good I impressed greatly that the way you have written such great article. I got many reference about this topic but i am more information other topics ..

  49. five star painting says

    Thanks for providing such useful information. I really appreciate your professional approach. I would like to thank you for the efforts you made in writing this post. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. Website design costs:-)

  50. Tutoring Minnesota says

    I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. and it has really helped me alot. Do you have any other posts about this topic? Thanks for sharing with us.

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