Simple WordPress Beginner IntroductionA few years ago I created a YouTube video that was meant as a simple WordPress beginner introduction.

Have you ever wanted to see how easy WordPress is to use?

As a coach, holistic healer or really any type of service professional you want to have control over your content on your website. WordPress gives you that control without a whole bunch of techie stuff in the way.

Over my many years of of coaching and teaching my website clients I’ve found a lot of them get stuck in overwhelm, and even fear, when it comes to the web. And this is certainly true when we start talking about them editing their content on their website.

Yet, I’ve found that with a simple WordPress beginner introduction I can illustrate how simple and easy editing their own website is.

A few years ago I created a video called ‘A Simple WordPress Beginner Introduction.’ In the video I show how quickly and easily you can make updates and edits to your website. I doesn’t matter your background, your comfort with computers or whether you have no technical skill at all – using WordPress is as easy as I show in that video.

That was a few years ago. And while the content of that video is still relevant, WordPress has gone through some changes. That video needed an update.

And now it has one.

Here’s the new Simple WordPress Beginner Introduction:

As you can see it’s very easy to edit your content – simpler, really than using Microsoft Word. You can style your text, add bullet lists, create links and even add images and buttons to your site in minutes. And without any high-tech coding.

I’ve been teaching my clients for years that with a few minute, simple WordPress beginner introduction they, themselves can have complete control over their content.

Now, why would you want complete control over your content using WordPress?

  1. Because you can. There’s a small learning curve – very small – and one you cross it you have complete control over your website.
  2. Because it saves you money. If you’re not in control of your content then making updates meaning paying someone else to do it for you.
  3. Because you can do it faster. If you’re using WordPress you can edit your pages without any delay. Just login and make your edits.
  4. Because it will save you time. With someone else doing your updates you have to fit into their schedule.
  5. Because it will save you frustration. You may know the exact edits you want to make. But it doesn’t mean the person doing those updates understands. That can cause frustration and many back-and-forth emails.
  6. Because you empower yourself. Since WordPress is so easy to learn you will feel much more empowered about using the web when you make your own updates.
  7. Did I mentioned, because you can?

I can’t share enough how good it feels when you have control over your website’s content. The savings in time, money and frustration are worth it alone. But having that feeling of doing something that you thought you couldn’t is huge.

If you’re not using WordPress for your website, it’s time to give it some serious consideration. And if you are and aren’t sure how to do the things you see in my video, get in touch and we can talk about it.


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