website successNo matter what you’ve done already, it only takes a a few small adjustments to have website success.

I have a friend who’s self-employed. She’s brilliant, caring and a really good communicator. She’s a great life coach. Anyone who works with her immediately sees her huge range of gifts.

Jill (not her real name) and I were talking about a month ago about her coaching business and her website. She’s frustrated that after all these years her coaching practice isn’t full of clients. She’s overwhelmed by, as she says it, ‘everything I’m supposed to have a success website that gets me clients. Dawud, there’s got to be an easier way.’

I understand Jill’s frustration. And her overwhelm. You see, Jill’s one of those people who’s spent tons of money and time collecting marketing courses like their baseball cards. She’s even tried a number of them. She starts with the hope that, ‘this will be the one that will help me have website success.’ And, inevitably, she’s overwhelmed or disappointed before she every completes the program.

I have to give her credit – she keeps trying. But there’s a flaw in her approach…

These programs can’t meet her needs for website success.

You’ve probably experienced this yourself, right? The marketing coach promises their latest program will fix all your problems. And maybe it can. There’s great programs out there by really sincere people who want to help. Then you buy it only to find out that it’s really what you need for website success.

The thing is: canned marketing programs aren’t for everyone.

I was struck by something Jill said. She told me, ‘I’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked for me. Maybe I’m not supposed to get client online. Maybe I’m too dumb to make my website work for me.

Now I’ve know Jill a long time. She’s not dumb. She’s actually quite intelligent. And, she actually understands marketing an sales very well. The problem is she’s never had someone show her how to use her knowledge in a simple, non-overwhelming way.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Dawud, why didn’t you help your friend out?’

I’ve tried a few times in the past. But it seemed every time we discussed her business or website success she was hot on some new program that was going to ‘finally make her website successful.’

So I stayed in the background being as supportive and helpful where I could. I knew that because we’re friends it could be awkward for me to suggest we work together. It sort of blurs that line between friend and client. And I never wanted to rain her excitement of finding the next new hope.

Something was different this time, though. She seemed deflated in a way I hadn’t seen before. She was seriously thinking that she couldn’t have a successful coaching practice.  So I finally jumped in and told her that I’d be happy to help her ‘figure this out’ before she folds it up.

Can you relate? Have you had that feeling that maybe this isn’t for you? Maybe being a life coach isn’t for you, even though you love it?

Helping a friend (finally) find website success

Jill and I started working together later that week. In our first session I told her, ‘let’s forget about marketing, business, website success, etc. Rather, let’s focus on you and your clients. Let’s reconnect to the love and passion you have for coaching people.’

Those were our first two sessions – reconnecting her to her passion for coaching…for helping people. We didn’t talk about websites or marketing or anything else. Just reconnecting to ‘why’ she became a coach in the first place. It helped her immensely. By our third session she felt renewed and was ready to take on marketing and website success.

Our last couple of sessions before writing this have been amazing. She’s found a clarity that neither of us have seen in her before. Her passion for coaching is carrying her past her overwhelm and toward a plan she’s actually doing.

Each week between our phone sessions she’s doing little bits consistently to promote her business. And it’s working. She’s getting more email subscribers and has even had an inquiry about coaching (they’re still deciding). There’s bounce in her step again. The difference – she got one-on-one help. 

Help comes in many shapes and sizes.

For some people a marketing program or group courses can work. I’m not saying that you can’t learn from these sorts of programs. People do all the time.

Yet, for many coaches and alternative healers they need something more. They need a more personalize, one-on-one solution. Often, they need someone who can help them understand and use the marketing program they took previously. And they need someone who can meet them in their overwhelm, their confusion and their struggles and gently redirect them out of it.

Maybe it’s time to get help

If you find yourself struggling with your marketing – get help. If your website success simply hasn’t come – get help. If it’s all overwhelming or if nothing’s worked – get help. If you’ve taken marketing programs and can’t figure out how to use them – get help.

I’d love to help you overcome these obstacles. It’s exactly what I do – and do best one-on-one. Simply contact me and we can discuss your situation. No pressure. Just a chat. And I promise you that you’ll have more clarity in what to do next – even if we don’t work together.

So please, if you’re stuck, contact me. I look forward to meeting you.

(note: image from Jes Mugley on Flickr)

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