failing online businessAs a coach or healer it’s very easy to have a failing online business.

Most of the people I work with have huge hearts. They want to make a difference in the world. And they want to help people have better lives. They spend their days reading and learning as much as they can. They attend gobs of events, webinars or teleclasses to learn great information or tools to share with their clients.

Yet I see coaches and healers struggling all the time. They don’t have enough clients and they don’t always know what to do about it. And if they do know what to do they can’t seem to do it consistently enough leading to their failing online business.

Sound familiar? If so, my core goal is to help you reach the people who want what you do. I help my clients every single day clarify and find how to best use their website, social media, email marketing and other methods to get more clients. It’s my sole purpose – to help you.

So let’s look at 5 reasons you have a failing online business:

1. You’re a Jack-of-All-Trades rather than a master of one.

I know it’s tempting to want to everything for everyone. After all, you don’t want miss an opportunity because your focus is too narrow. Yet you’re going to fail miserably until you narrow your focus and work with a very refined, specific set of issues that people need help with. The best thing you can do for your failing online business is to pick a specific topic you are or want to be an expert in and promote yourself as that. The more targeted and focused you are the easier it will be for potential clients to know you’re the person who can best help them.

2. It’s about change, not motivation.

You know that the way to really help people is to inspire change. That means walking people through actually doing the things they need to do to change their situation. Yet so many coaches and healers spend their time talking about change or trying to motivate their clients to change that they never get to the actions their clients need to be taking to actually make change. Yet they can turn their failing online business around by helping their clients take action toward change. To make the world a little bit better place to live you must do things a little different. Otherwise the situations your clients face stay the same.

3. It’s all about you.

You may have a failing online business because you focus too much on what you want and not enough on what our clients need and want. This is a common with anything on your website – marketing copy, graphics, videos, etc. Even your offers could be more about you than they are about your clients. Focus on what your potential clients need and want and you’ll watch your failing online business become successful.

4. You think one thing is enough.

So often I get coaches or healers who contact me and tell me that their marketing just isn’t working. Immediately I want to what they’re doing. Most of the time it’s one thing – one effort they’re making to try to get people to their website. In almost every case doing only one thing will lead to a failing online business. Instead, you need to do a few things – consistently – every week to have a successful online business. For instance, don’t just write a blog post each week. Instead, write your post, promote it in social media many times throughout the week, ask friends to share it, encourage clients to read and share, leave comments on similar blog posts referencing yours, etc. Doing many things – even small things – consistently will change a failing online business to a successful one. The key is consistency.

5. You’re not living it! You’re not making it alive!

You probably love what you do. You deeply believe in it. You’ve seen the change its made in  your life. And you know the change it can make in your client’s lives. But is what you do really alive in you? Are you letting your passion and purpose out? If not, it’s easy to have a failing online business. Passion and purpose are infectious. They’re contagious. When you share your passion about what you do other can’t help but gravitate toward you. This doesn’t mean you need to be your own cheerleader – unless that’s whats authentic for you. But it is important to be authentic with how your work wants to come out of you and be seen and experienced by others. Don’t hold back. Trust yourself and share your passion with others.

Which of these are causing your failing online business?

You know, you can do something about it. Most of the time all we need is some solid support, clear guidance and a little nudge here and there to take the steps toward having more clients and being successful online. If you’re ready – get the help that could make the difference.

(note: image from Z Q on Flickr some rights reserved)

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