It’s easy for your website and marketing online to become overwhelming.

As soon as you get one thing done, it seems like there’s always 50 more things to do.

And that’s if you can get unstuck enough to get one thing done. I understand. I’ve been there myself. And I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome the overwhelm.

Why are you in overwhelm?

While there can be many reasons for overwhelm, it usually comes down to some sort of fear.

Fear of doing it wrong. Fear of having too much to do. Fear of looking like an amateur (or idiot). Fear of trying and not getting results. Fear of technology. Sometimes even the fear of succeeding.

That’s not an exhaustive list, by any means. But if you’re overwhelmed by having a website or marketing online you can probably relate to at least one of those.

Yet, overwhelm isn’t really a bad thing.

I know that sounds odd. It certainly doesn’t feel great when you’re in the clutches of overwhelm. But it’s not the end of the world.

Your overwhelm is merely showing you that you have some work to do. The great thing about overwhelm is you don’t have to guess where the work is. If you fear doing something wrong or looking like an idiot, then you know exactly what you need to work on.

You see, we can take our overwhelm and turn into a monster barrier that stops us. Or we can take overwhelm and see it as a gift – a gift that shows us where inside we’re not quite ready to be successful with our business online.

So what do we do about it?

There’s many paths you can take with your overwhelm.

What I want to encourage you do is not take the path you’ve been on. You know, the one that stops you from moving forward. Let’s get you off that path right now.

One path we can take is by slowing down, making a clear picture of what we want and then taking baby steps toward that picture.

So here’s 3 steps you can take to overcome your web overwhelm.

1. Have a clear picture of what your goals are.

A lot of have wants with their websites. They have ideas or concepts of what they want – or expect – their website to do.

Yet, wants and expectations only create more overwhelm and stuckness. Wants are vague. At their very core they have no true direction, no action steps and hence, no target to arrive at.

What’s better, create clear goals.

With specific goals you have a direction to head. Then around those goals you can create a set of actions that will move you toward those goals. Finally, because your goal is specific you have a target to arrive at.

Here’s an example: When you say you want to grow your email list, it’s a want (maybe even an expectation). What does it mean? How do you plan for something that’s not specific. So when you say you want to get 100 new subscribers in the next 30 days it’s much different. Now you have a specific goal. With this, you can create a plan on how you’re going to get those 100 new subscribers.

2. Separate your “to-do list” from your “ideas list.”

This one is huge, honestly. I see it all the time.

Ideas are things that would be nice to do some day. Perhaps it’s a course or a new product you want to develop. The question to ask is this the right time? Can you actually get this done now? Is it a must do for your business in the next week? If not, than put on a list of ideas for later.

Your to-do list, on the other hand, consists of things that you actually plan to do. It’s a realistic list of the things you need to complete in order to achieve your goals. Some items might need to be done once. Others may need to be repeated over and over. Breaking your to-do list down into daily, weekly tasks can be very helpful.

And if you don’t know where to start with your to-do list, shoot me an email and I can help.

Here’s an example: Wanting to write a book someday – whatever your reasons – goes on the idea list. You can develop it, sketch out parts of it, etc. But it’s not a primary focus of your daily business. Writing a book because you just got an advance – that would put it on the to-do list.

3. Choose one project to work on at a time.

Now, this is critical – both in creating overwhelm and in overcoming it.

If you’re trying to do too much at once – say trying to blog while creating a new product while learning all the social media platforms while building your email list and taking a marketing course – I think you get the picture. Great way to end up in overwhelm.

Blogging, email lists, products, etc – they’re not going anywhere.

Here’s a perfect opportunity to go back to your goals and decide what’s the best thing to be doing to reach them. For the next 2 weeks, perhaps it’s getting all your email marketing system setup correctly. And maybe that means you don’t blog or do any social media the next two weeks. That’s fine. When that’s done, you take on the next project and put all your efforts into it.

Literally, do one thing at a time. Learn one thing at a time. Take on one new thing at a time and you will greatly reduce the overwhelm. And the result, in a few months you’ll have a number of systems in place that you can then build your business around.

Here’s an example: Many times with blogging we think we have to do it all to make it work. Write posts, find the right graphics, do SEO, figure out how to share our posts on social media, etc, etc. A much more effective way is to take it in small bites. Start with writing consistently. Add graphics as writing becomes easier. Then maybe after that start sharing your stuff on social media. When all that’s working smoothly without overwhelm, then focus on doing better SEO. Take your projects and break them down into small bites. Build your next success on your previous one.


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