Is your website bringing you business and getting you new clients? If not maybe it’s time to give your website a health check-up.

Here’s 10 common signs it’s time to give your website some attention:

1. Your Website Isn’t Getting Much Traffic

If people aren’t finding your website then they can’t learn about you, your business and how you can help them. There’s hundreds of ways to get more people to your website. It’s not difficult. However, if you’re not actually doing something to help people find you – they never will. With a little planning and consistent effort your site can go from a barren desert to an oasis of opportunity. If your site isn’t getting enough traffic – it’s a sign you should get help. And if you don’t know, just assume you’re not getting enough traffic.

2. The People That Are Visiting Your Website Aren’t Getting Past Your Homepage

If people visit your website and leave before clicking past the homepage – we call that a ‘bounce.’ It means people aren’t easily finding what they came for and are ‘bouncing off’ your website to look for what they need somewhere else. This is a huge missed opportunity. One that you should highly consider getting some help with. Otherwise, you’re just wasting the traffic that is coming to your website.

3. You’re Not Updating Your Website Regularly

The days of putting up a website and just leaving it to bring you traffic are dead – long dead. Today you need to update your website regularly. That means writing and publishing new articles or posts. How often you update your site will depend on a number of factors. But you should know that if you’re not publishing new content for weeks and months, it’s a clear sign you need help with your website. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think.

4. You’re Not Optimizing Your Content for Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential component of a successful and effective website. By not doing the even the basics (read: easy part) you’re essentially telling Google that you don’t care about ranking in their search results. There are some excellent tools available to help you with basic SEO. Tools that are easy to learn and use. If you’re not trying to rank in Google, you need help with your website. And it just so happens at a little time spent doing SEO will help you get more traffic.

5. You Can’t Find Your Website in Google

If you can’t find your own website in Google how do you expect potential clients to find it? Not finding your site in search engines means it’s not well optimized. There are several ways to improve your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so you can be found more easily. Even though the web is full of people trying to complicate how to rank, it’s rather simple really. It just takes a little know-how and effort. You certainly want to consider getting some help with your website if you can’t find it in search engines.

6. Your Website Has Broken Links

Broken links on your website cause all sorts of problems. First, they frustrate and annoy the people visiting your website. Think of the times you’ve found the perfect resource on someone’s website only to find that when you click the link it goes to one of those 404 error pages. Frustrating, huh? People don’t like and neither does Google. Broken links lower your search rankings. If you haven’t done a review of all the links on your website, this is a perfect time to ask for help. There are tools for WordPress that makes this easy.

7. Your Website is not Mobile Friendly

How would you like to alienate 2 out of every 3 of your website’s visitors? If your site isn’t mobile friendly, that’s exactly what you’re doing. We’re all carrying the internet around in our pocket now on phones and tablets. People expect your website to be easy to use on their phones. And when it’s not they’ll go somewhere else. What message are you sending to potential clients if your site doesn’t work well on their phones? Bottom line, every website today needs to be mobile friendly. If yours isn’t run, don’t walk, to getting help making it so.

8. You Built Your Own Website

You might be a DIYer. Maybe you maintenance your own car or do your own home repairs. So why not build your own website, right? Stop! Your website is often the first experience people have of you and your business. You don’t want your potential clients to experience you as disorganized and unprofessional. And that’s the experience most DIY websites offer. And did I mention how mobile creates yet another level of complexity? If you’ve built (or are building) your own website consider you’re definitely in need of help. A good website designer will create a professional, attractive website that’s easy to use and not only displays your business in the best light but position your content to convert clients.

9. You Don’t Have a Website Marketing Plan

It’s not enough to just have a website. You need a plan for people to find your website. It doesn’t matter how big or small you, your business or your website are – you need a plan to promote it. There are many ways to promote your website – online and off. And it all begins with a solid, doable plan. A well-developed plan will layout the tasks you need to do in order to get people to your website. If you don’t have a website marketing plan – if you’re just expecting people to find you without any effort – you can use some help. Your marketing plan will make it clear how you’ll attract potential clients and put you in the best possible position to get new clients.

If your website isn’t contributing to your business – it needs to be. You know right now whether your website is adding to or subtracting from your business. If you find that one or more of the signs above are true for you, don’t wait any longer. Get the help you need and start having your website work for you and your business rather than against you.

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