Every coach wants to attract more clients.

You have your website. You even write and article here and there. But why is it so difficult to attract more clients?

Well, once someone is on your website, what are you doing to get them to stay and to inquire about your business?

Here are five quick hacks you can make to your website that will help you attract more clients – paying clients:

1. A very clear and very visible call to action

What’s the single most important action you want people to take on your website? Whatever it is, make it incredible easy for people to find. And include your call to action on every single page and blog post on your website.

If you have more than one call to action, then prioritize them. Which is your primary? Maybe it’s getting people on your email list. Make that most visible. Perhaps your secondary call to action is to have them contact your for an introductory call. That’s great. Make that visible too. Just don’t have your primary and secondary call to actions competing. Instead, place them on different areas of each of your pages. Clear, visible calls to action are vital to attract more clients.

2. Give away valuable content

Hopefully you have a blog and consistently write useful articles that help people begin to resolve the problems you help them with. This valuable type of giveaway keeps people coming back for more and establishes your expertise.

And, of course, you want to have a valuable product for them to download in exchange for their email address. Make this product is highly useful to them. Give your subscribers some of your best content. Knock their socks off with an exercise or program of some sort. Over-deliver and you’ll have immediate fans and attract more clients.

3. Stay in touch

Most people who visit your website are not likely to return. That’s not your fault. They have busy lives. The come to your site, find what they want and move on.

So find ways to stay in touch. Your email list is one. Just be sure to use it regularly by sending out consistent articles, updates, events, etc.

Social media is another place where you can stay in touch with people who visit your website. But if you don’t make your social media links clear and easy to find, people won’t use them.

And for gosh sakes, if you’re going to list social networks, use them from time-to-time for more than just sharing your content. Find the people who you want to stay in touch with and use conversations on social media sites to attract more clients.

4. Be seen on your website

Often one of the most read pages on your website will be your About page. That’s because people want to connect with you in some way on your website.

Attract more clients by being visible on your site. Photographs – yes. But also consider video and even audio. As a coach, healer or professional service provider your clients will build a relationship with you. Why not give them a chance to begin when they arrive at your website?expect to connect with you in some way when they’re on your website.

5. Know your visitors

People run when we starting talking about statistics. But service like Google Analytics (free) make do all the heavy lifting of collecting important data about the people who visit your website. With a little understanding you can find out what content is most popular (write more), what sites are sending you the most traffic (do more on those sites) and what pages are causing people to leave the most (fix ’em).

While Google Analytics can be complex if you begin digging around, the basics are very easy to use and understand. For instance, an important stat called ‘bounce rate’ will tell you what pages people come to and leave most often without going to a second page. Lowering your bounce rate can greatly increase how you attract more clients.

The 5 hacks are easy to correct, if…

If you have control over you content in a system like WordPress. You don’t need technical web coding skills. The first four hacks can be done by edit pages and blog posts. And the last one, the Google Analytics bit, can be added through any number of plugins.

These 5 hacks can be done in an afternoon. Or even one at a time over weeks. The bottom line is they will have a great impact on how well you attract more clients.

Don’t delay. Make the decision today to change your website and start growing your business. And if you can’t do this yourself, give me a holler. I’d be happy to help. And even happier to teach you how to do these things – and others – with WordPress yourself.

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