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Is This You?

Most of my clients are what I call “Independent Professionals.” They are businesses that either sell their expertise or know-how or provide a professional service of some kind. While the traditional Independent Professional was an attorney, an accountant, a health care professional or an architect, today there are literally thousands of Service Professionals who do everything from website and graphic design to business consulting and professional coaches of all kinds.

Most often, my clients have the expertise they need to be in business. What they don’t have is the expertise in grow their business to the level they desire – or need.

If that sounds like you, see if any of these scenarios fit your situation:

  • You’re great at what you do. Your services are top-notch. And when you have customers, you blow them out of the water. Yet you’re not making enough money. Somehow, you need to increase your revenues so you can take your business to the next level – but how?
  • You’re new in business and aren’t really sure how to get more clients – heck, maybe how to get any clients. Perhaps you’re a coach, a consultant or an aspiring designer. You’ve worked hard to get here and now you want to make a living from your work. Yet, where do the clients come from?
  • You’ve tried a lot of things to market yourself without much success. You’ve tried networking, speaking, writing and perhaps even have a web site but nothing is working very well. Clients are not yet flocking to your door and you wonder if you just need to be patient or are you doing everything wrong?
  • You’re running a successful business and you want to do better. You know that although you have been fairly successful in attracting clients, you could be a whole lot better at it. Couldn’t you benefit from new approaches and strategies to marketing and selling your services that work more consistently?
  • You know you need a website. You’re just getting started with your business, or maybe you’ve been in business for a while – either way, you want a website that will successfully marketing and help grow your business. So you do you need a marketing coach or web design? How about both in one?
  • You’ve got a website, but it’s just not doing much for you. After spending a good chunk of money you expected a return only to find out that your website designer has no idea about niche marketing, or target audience. What was the point of getting a website if it’s not work for you?
  • Your website’s doing a pretty good job at drawing in new prospects. You get a good amount of traffic and are making a decent living. But you’d like more – more traffic, more leads, more revenue. How can your website help you grow your business?
  • You want help blogging. After hearing so much about this blogging thing, you want to get started. Or maybe you have a blog but are unsure how to use it to increase your reach and grow your business. Doesn’t it sound like it’s time to get help?

If you find yourself falling into one or more of these situations, I can help you.

Usually, my clients fall into one of four categories:

  1. Coaches and Consultants – anyone who sells their expertise or who helps clients achieve results.
    personal, professional, marketing, writing, blogging, business, management, productivity, substance abuse, energy, organization development, communications, proposal writing, financial, internet, software, computer… and many more.
  2. Trainers – anyone who teaches, educates or trains clients, including those who lead workshops and seminars.
    writing, marketing, social media, stress management, presentation skills, conflict management, team building, communication, diversity, language, personal growth, customer service…and so on.
  3. Professional Servicesanyone engaged in the practice of a traditional professional service.
    doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, healers and other medical and health practitioners.
  4. Services – virtually any business-to-business service.
    website design, graphics design, virtual assistants, social media, photography, writing, financial professionals, employment professionals such as executive recruiters, nonprofit recruiters, data entry, editing, tax preparation, word processing, secretarial services, conference management, meeting planners…really anyone providing a service.

And, of course, myself. As they say, “I’m not only the owner, I’m also a client.” I couldn’t really be helping other people with their website or their business unless I had a proven way of helping myself. The proof, here, is in my own business. I’ve grown rapidly every year using the same methods I’ll teach you.

Yet, no one business is the same – so I have no formula. While my approach is based on sound and tested business practices – such as positioning, pricing, defining target marketing, negotiation and business structure, I organically customize a program to fit your needs, capabilities and goals. No cookie-cutter here.

But will it work for you?

Yes! Absolutely! If you’re truly ready to begin growing your business – at any level and in any fashion – then contact me for a FREE 20-Minute Advisory Session. In just a few minutes you’ll be able to tell if I’m the right person to work with you. There’s no obligation, no pressure, no sales and definitely no hype. Just up front conversation about how your website can grow your business.

Or, if you’re not ready for a consult but want to stay in touch, you’ve got a couple of choices:

  1. Get a copy of my FREE guide Client Producing Websites, 10 Elements Your Website Must Have In Order to Get You More Clients, Sell More Products, and Make More Money. In it I remove all the myths and give you straight talk about the ten things you website needs to effectively get your more clients, sell more products and courses and make more money.
  2. Read my blog and join the conversations. I almost always respond to every comment myself so you have a chance to ask your questions. And many have gotten help just following my blog.

So if you find yourself in any of the situations above, contact me to schedule your Advisory Session today.