Just getting people to your website is still only two-thirds of the way there. And the final third is the most important.

Now, we want them to…

Signup. Subscribe. Download. Watch a video. Listen to a recording. Comment on blog post. Take a survey. Buy a product. Register for an event. Etc, etc. etc.

The whole reason to build your business platform and to get people to your website is to get them to engage your business in some way. You don’t want them just to come, read a couple pages and then leave. You want them to take an action.

Let me say it again: You want them to action

You want your visitors to come to your website, read some of your content and find it useful to them. And right after that, you want them to see at least one of your offers that they can’t resist. 

It could be – and should at least be – that they get some beneficial free product (ebook, audio, video, etc) for subscribing to your email list. This is the foundation of marketing a coaching practice or other service business online. So at the very least you want them to subscribe to your email list.

There can certainly be other offers on your website but you want to be sure that you have something that’s free – that has a low commitment level – and that let’s them take something away with them that they can explore and try out.

So is social media a good call-to-action?

I’d say, yes and no.

It’s certainly not as good for you as your visitors joining your email list or signup for an event. It’s not really a solid call-to-action either unless you do a lot of lead generation through social media. And most coaches and healers don’t.

I want to be clear – I’m a huge proponent and user of social media. I’m not saying don’t offer to connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ (see what I did there?). I’m saying don’t rely on it as your primary call-to-action unless is through social media that you’re getting a bulk of your clients. Even then, consider growing an email list.

So you have offers, why aren’t people signing up?

The biggest reason people aren’t signing up for your offers is because you haven’t compelled them too. Really. It’s that simple. And, it’s not your fault if that’s the case.

You see, you want to make people want to signup for your email list or your next class. You want them moved by the content they just read whether it’s a blog post or a page on your site. You do this by helping them solve a problem they’re dealing with – whatever that may be.

You offer should be the next step in them solving the problem.

So the giveaway product you offer to get people on your email list needs to be something the want and can use to help themselves. You want the offer to start them down the road of getting relief from whatever their pain is.

So if you’re getting people to your website but they aren’t selecting your offers it’s likely because you haven’t made them compelling enough for people to signup. Think of it like this – you want them to know without a doubt that they must get your free product because it’s the most sure-fired way they can get help right now.

I don’t mean lie, overstate or be too salesy. I mean be honest. You’ve taken the time to create a great product or class. You’ve put your heart, soul and knowledge into it because you want to help people find solutions to problems they’re having. So communicate that. Share your passon and let them see that this IS help for them.

Make it compelling and they have to at least try it.

And don’t worry if you don’t get it, there’s help available.

One of the main things I do with my clients is help them see how their gifts are viewed by others. That way you can create compelling offers that people will want. Not offers you have to sell, but those they want. So if you’re not getting enough people to subscribe or signup, then let’s talk.

You need an onliness business platform…and you need a way to get people to see it.

So it’s not enough to just have website. You also need to know how to get people to your website. And once there, you want to give them what they want in order to take action by signing up for your email list or getting a free coaching session. These are the three pillars to being successful with your website.

So are enough people taking action on your offers?

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