The biggest reason your website isn’t getting you clients is:

Not enough people are seeing your website!

I’m sure you’ve experienced this. You get a website built, launch it and then wait. And you wait…and wait…and wait. And if you’re like most people you either keep waiting or you give up.

But you see, websites don’t generate their own traffic. It’s not like that movie A Field of Dreams where a ghost tells Kevin Costner, “If you build it, they (he) will come.” They won’t. They can’t. And the reason is simple:

They don’t know you’re website is there.

The people who need what you have to offer, they don’t know about your website. The people who would respond to your blogs or want to signup for your email list, they don’t know about your website. They people who are best suited to become your next clients don’t know about your website. Unless you…

Tell them about your website!

To get people to see your website they first have to know about it. It only make sense that no one can read your content, leaving blog comments, join your mailing list, or signup for a free coaching session if they can’t find you. To get people to your website you have to do things to would make your website, and, hence, your business, visible to them.

Now I say right now, there’s hundreds of ways to get people to your website. I wrote a book listing more than 260 ways to get people to your website. So how isn’t really the problem.

The problem I’ve seen is that generally coaches or alternative healers don’t something consistently that actually gets them more visitors. They take the Kevin Costner approach and hope (maybe even pray) that people will find them. But gosh, we can make this much easier on you.

There is no one right way to get visitors to your website.

As I’ve said, there are hundreds of ways to get people to visit your website. So you’re not short on ideas. As a matter of fact, you can probably list a dozen or ways right now that you may not even realize you know. But that doesn’t mean you’re using them.

And why not? Why aren’t you using what you know?

Because, as I’ve seen over and over, you probably don’t know you know it. And if you did know then you probably don’t believe you know how to do it. Even if you’ve taken classes on online marketing or had a business or copy writing coach for a while – it doesn’t mean you learned how YOU do it.

I want to show you how YOU do it!

And here lies the key. What you’ve learned from blogs, books, courses, program, teleclasses and from coaches has probably never been tailored to you. Heck, I can show you dozens of ways to get visitors from social media – it doesn’t mean you want to do it. If you don’t want to do it, then you won’t.

What you don’t need someone just telling you what you should be doing. Instead, you need someone to understand what you want to do. Someone who will consider what you don’t want to do as much as what they think you should do. You want someone who understand how much or little time you want to spend.

Most importantly you want someone who can teach you, step-by-step, what to do to get more visitors. So once you’ve identified what you want to do the person you work with can then teach you, patiently, how to do it to build more visibility for your business and get more visitors to your website.

You don’t have to put gobs of hours in to get people to your website

But you do have to put in some time. More importantly, you have to put in some time consistently over time.

Consistency of action is really the key to getting more and more people to your website. Sure, there’s things you’ll learn and tweaks to make. But basically if you’re doing 2 or 3 things consistently – whatever consistently means to you – then you’re going to start seeing results.

So the important take-aways here are finding 2 or 3 things you want to be doing to get more people to you website and then doing those things consistently.

And I’m here to help you with that.

You need an onliness business platform…and you need a way to get people to see it.

So it’s not enough to just have website. You also need to know how to get people to your website. And once there, you want to give them what they want in order to take action by signing up for your email list or getting a free coaching session. These are the three pillars to being successful with your website.

So are you getting enough people visiting your website?

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