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Finding the ‘Real’ Key to Website Success


No matter what you've done already, it only takes a a few small adjustments to have website success. I have a friend who's self-employed. She's brilliant, caring and a really good communicator. She's a great life coach. Anyone who works with her immediately sees her huge range of gifts. Jill … Continue reading »

What Makes People Leave Your Website


My friends over at Kissmetrics have a great graphic explaining what makes people leave your website. For your convenience, I've listed the 8 points that makes people leave your website along with a little of my own short commentary. 8 reasons people leave your website: Bad Navigation Are you … Continue reading »

5 Marketing Mistakes Life Coaches Make & How to Fix Them


You're probably making the same marketing mistakes life coaches everywhere are making. Remember when you completed your coaching certification? You were so excited to get out there and coach people. You became a coach to help people, to make a difference in their lives and help them make change … Continue reading »

Simple WordPress Beginner Introduction


A few years ago I created a YouTube video that was meant as a simple WordPress beginner introduction. Have you ever wanted to see how easy WordPress is to use? As a coach, holistic healer or really any type of service professional you want to have control over your content on your website. … Continue reading »

6 Reasons Life Coaching Websites Fail


Why is it that most life coaching websites fail? That question shouldn't come as a shock. It may be that your own website isn't getting you the results you want or expect. Some people say that there's too much competition out there. That life coaching websites fail because there's too many … Continue reading »

Don’t Let a Little Fear Stop You From Doing What You Love


Do you remember the first time you rode a bike as a kid? I do. I remember being scared out of my shorts. I remember my dad saying, 'son, don't let a little fear stop you from doing what you love.' Those words have stuck with me since. Don't let a little fear stop you from doing what you … Continue reading »

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