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5 Steps to a Great Website

After more than 20 years of building websites I've found that most people don't really know how to properly plan their site. After all, your website is usually the first thing people look at. The most effective approach to planning a great website is to work backwards, by answering the following … Continue reading »

Website: DIY or Ask for Help?

Doing things yourself can be fun. And if you're like me you like to do things yourself. When I bought my first house many years ago, I completely gutted it. In most rooms I took it down to the studs. Other rooms I knocked out walls or built new ones. In my master bedroom I turned a once tiny coat … Continue reading »

The 9 Reasons People Leave Your Website

You've put a lot of time, money and effort into your website. Your writing is compelling. Your design is professional. And thanks to the bits of marketing you've done, your site is getting traffic. Yet so many people leave your website. So they why aren't more people signing up for your list or … Continue reading »

3 Signs Your Website Needs an Urgent Update

After a while everything gets old, worn out or beyond repair. This weekend my son asked me, "Dad, why did you throw away your drill?" Now I love to tinker and build things. And I love using my drill. It's got over 20 years of paint stains, scratches and dents - each reminding me of a … Continue reading »

How to Create Offers Your Audience Wants to Buy

There are so many important elements of having a website that delivers you clients. Your site's design, layout, content, etc - these are all important things. But when it comes down to it the most critical part of your website are your offers. Whether it's the free product you use to get email … Continue reading »

5 Website Hacks You Can Do Right Now to Attract More Clients

Every coach wants to attract more clients. You have your website. You even write and article here and there. But why is it so difficult to attract more clients? Well, once someone is on your website, what are you doing to get them to stay and to inquire about your business? Here are five … Continue reading »

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