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Launch: The Disquiet

While Dave Schoof has been blogging for more than a month, we just officially completed and launched both his website – The Disquiet in Men and the accompanying blog – Engaging the Disquiet. He’s already seen success in the way of fast growing traffic, contact with other bloggers, a few inquiries into his work, and two new clients. All in a couple of weeks.

With his design, we set out from scratch. The look and feel of the site were very important to Dave. He wanted the site to be soft and engaging without being feminine while having a sense of depth and calm. He also thought having a slight amount of tension would help his audience (men feel something’s missing) identify themselves in his design.

By my suggestion, the blog became a central piece for starting conversation, creating community and building relationships with men who fit his target market. No sales here, though. Just good and helpful information.

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  1. Very nice site! Well, its like a guy-talk blog.
    I love guys who speaks up their mind. Instead of those who doesn’t.
    Thanks! very nice blog.


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