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Site Launch: The Campaign for You

campaignforyou.jpgI just completed a new static site at The Campaign for You. Matt Hugg and I worked together to plan, develop and create a site that would easily and clearly market his many offers. For instance, you’ll see on the homepage that we highlighted his ebook, The Complete Campaign for You Workbook.

Ease of use for his visitors was a key to the design. No page or service is more than 1 click away from another. His ability to self-manage his content was a vital and necessary part of our project. I used Adobe Contribute as the platform for content management basically because of its ease of use.

Matt, by the way, is a career coach. While he focuses on the non-profit world, his knowledge, tools and materials are applicable in any job/career setting. Matt’s concept of The Campaign for You is in teaching you how to treat your own career and job search as a campaign, ultimately finding the ‘job you love with the organization you want’.

Site Launch: Dr Travis Elliott

A couple of weeks ago I launched a new site for Dr. Travis Elliott. From our initial consultation, Dr Elliott saw the benefit of having a blog. Yet, he also needed a ‘static’ website to give information about his services and classes. Most importantly, he wanted to easily manage his content for both the blog and the ‘static’ site.

In the final design I used the pages feature in WordPress to create the ‘static’ pages that you’d find on any brochure site. We made sure the blog was on the ‘homepage’ while still adding a brief intro about his work.

Dr Elliott is trained as a Naturopath. He’s more recently trained in an interesting alternative therapy called BodyTalk. Based in Applied Kinesiology and western medicine, BodyTalk looks at healing the whole of a person’s physical body, emotions, mind, and spirit. He works with many types of ailments, including chronic diseases, with great results. Certainly interesting work.

Launch: LionHeart

I just completed a new design for LionHeart Consulting. I did the site architecture and coding (xhtml/css) using the visual design from Mary Elliott, their graphics designer. We worked together to formulate the final visual look, making sure all the site elements fit well with the visual design. Mary is a very talented print graphics designer. I’m aware she has a website so if you’re interested in contacting her, let me know and I’ll pass you on her email address.

About LionHeart, they’re a business consulting group who help businesses increase their bottom line without compromising the quality of life of decision makers and employees. I personally know the team and know, from experience, that they do a terrific job. Read their Leadership Imperative white paper and you’ll get a clear idea of what they can do for your business.

Launch: Conscious Cooperation

We just launched Conscious Cooperation. This is a site I really enjoyed working on. Stuart Baker, who owns Conscious Cooperation, is doing some incredible work with helping people in the construction trades create better relationships with their employees, their suppliers and their clients.

In my time getting to know Stuart, he’s made quite an impression on me. If I was ever in a position of needing mediation with an unhappy client, Stuart is one of the first people I would consider contacting.

Launch: The Disquiet

While Dave Schoof has been blogging for more than a month, we just officially completed and launched both his website – The Disquiet in Men and the accompanying blog – Engaging the Disquiet. He’s already seen success in the way of fast growing traffic, contact with other bloggers, a few inquiries into his work, and two new clients. All in a couple of weeks.

With his design, we set out from scratch. The look and feel of the site were very important to Dave. He wanted the site to be soft and engaging without being feminine while having a sense of depth and calm. He also thought having a slight amount of tension would help his audience (men feel something’s missing) identify themselves in his design.

By my suggestion, the blog became a central piece for starting conversation, creating community and building relationships with men who fit his target market. No sales here, though. Just good and helpful information.

Launched: Capability Company.

I just launched a new design for Capability Company; a non-profit personnel placement service. They do great work at helping non-profit executives and human resource professionals find capable staff leaders. If you’re a non-profit that’s having a tough time getting and keeping good people, give Rebecca a call.

They came to me in bad need of a new site. Like many sites I work on, their old one lacked of any solid organization. And to top it off, the design was pretty dated, as well.

What we did was a simple, clear navigational scheme focusing on the three areas main market segments that Capability Company does business – Employers, Consultants and Job Seekers. We then found a simple and clean design to wrap around our site structure. You can see in the before and after shot (coming soon) what I mean.