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Where Does David Armano Get Those Amazing Graphics?

I’m a pretty big fan of Logic + Emotion. It’s one of the blogs I read, enjoy and learn from daily. As David Armano puts it himself, Logic + Emotion exists at the intersection of Marketing, Brand Engagement + Experience Design—where passive consumers become active participants.

I’m for that. And I love his perspective on things.

While David’s content is always top-notch, what I’m often drawn to is his incredible graphics. Take a look (each one is a link to the post it came from).


Great stuff, isn’t it? That that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He’s got some great slideshows. You’ve got to see Designing Conversations in Beta and I Am The Media.

I don’t know where he gets all his great visuals. But I do plan to ask him when I meet him at SOBCon07.

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  1. Smarty Blog says:

    Neat graphics!

    I also like Dion Hinchcliffe’s graphics.

  2. Smarty Blog,

    I just took a look. They’re great. Thanks for the resource. Now I have to go poke around Dion’s blog.

  3. Brett Evans says:

    [quote comment=”3979″]
    As for everything else, I do all of my visuals using adobe illustrator + a little imagination.[/quote]

    Heh, just a little imagination

  4. Hi Dawud,

    I didn’t do the visuals for “I am the Media” or that last visual you show here.

    As for everything else, I do all of my visuals using adobe illustrator + a little imagination.

    See you ar SOBCon. 🙂

  5. david,

    Thanks. I really appreciate the visuals you use. I’m further impressed that you find the time to do them yourself.

    See you soon

  6. Brett,

    Yeah, I know. I’d love to see what a lot of imagination would look like.

  7. I think things like this really add to a post. I try sometimes, to work on graphics that will add to the post, but it’s difficult, and time consuming.

  8. Armen,

    I’m simply too busy to work on graphics like that. Though it would make sense to have a some standard graphical elements that I could reuse based on the topic of a post. Something more than just a badge. I guess that goes on my todo list.

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