I have a confession to make…I’ve been confused lately. I’ve lost my focus. I’ve started writing posts that weren’t about the conversation I want to have with you. I’ve been a bit more preachy and perhaps slightly authoritative lately.

zebralion.jpgBut that’s not me. Well, okay, part of it is me (oops, couldn’t resist) or I wouldn’t be doing it. But there’s another part of me (just kidding). The real me, the authentic me, wants to chat with you; wants to share with you; wants to engage you in a dialogue about whatever topics are moving both of us. And I want to make it easy for you to share with me.

So thanks to Seth’s little book, and a short coversation with Liz, I’ve decided it’s time to quit.

Quit blogging? No! Quit having conversations and wanting to building relationships with you? Hell no!

But it is time to quit writing like a reporter who’s trying to inform you of something or teacher whose trying to teach you something. That’s boring. You can find that everywhere. One more blog like that isn’t going to make a difference.

What I feel can make a difference, though, is for me to remember to talk with you. To invite you over for coffee and a chat. To open my heart and share with you my experiences – along with my views, opinions and knowledge. To let you know me – Dawud.

So what did I learn when I went to see Seth Godin speak yesterday? I learned to quit. I learned to evaluate when it’s time to quit something and when it’s time to stick. I never thought quitting would be a key to success. But it makes sense now.

What do you think? Quitting seems to go again success, doesn’t it? Yet is there something you can quit that would increase your success?

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  1. Randa Clay says

    Sounds like you’re heading in an interesting direction Dawud. Are you talking about a style of writing or subject matter, or both? Sometimes reporting and teaching are just right for any blog, but maybe you’re talking about the manner in which it’s written? The perspective from which it comes? I’m curious.
    By the way… the lion and the zebra…ROFL

  2. Mark says

    As the old Kenny Rogers song said, “you have to know when to fold them”. Yes, no when and how to quit is an essentail element of growth! Looking forward to more conversations.

  3. Dawud Miracle says


    Yes, yes and yes. I’m really talking about everything. Ultimately I’m talking about being even more available, more transparent, more authentic through my blog, my work, my relationships in general. This seems to be constantly unfolding.

    For the blog, I’m really blogging for the conversation; for the relationships. So if my writing isn’t creating an atmosphere for that, then it would seem change is necessary. I wrote this post from my hip so I see where it could be a bit confusing. Sorry.


    Thanks. I knew this too. But hearing Seth talk about it brought it into focus. I’ve never really had much trouble dropping things once I ‘out grow’ them. Seth just gives me a common framework to talk about it.

  4. Connie Reece says

    Hi, Dawud. Would you get me another cup of coffee while you’re up? Right — cream, no sugar. Thanks for remembering. 🙂

    If I can guess what’s in your heart, I think what you’re saying is that you want to create a safe place for us to come hang out and talk. Where we can relate to each other as people, not just as blogger and reader.

    I’ll be listening . . .

  5. Dawud Miracle says


    You got it. Anyone else?

    That’s pretty close to what I’m sayin’. What I said at SOBCon about really caring about the people (not readers, but people) who visit, read and comment on my blog…I really meant that.

    I’m here for the conversation and for the relationships that grow out of the conversation. Of course, I’m also here to promote my business. But what I’ve seen is that it’s through honest, open and caring relationships that we each can help each other reach our dreams and goals.

    Sounds like I’m beginning my manifesto…

  6. Karin Karin H. says

    Dawud, make mine with just a little bit of milk, please 😉

    Quitting, yes it has been on my mind too the last few days. Too much time spend on pondering, too much time spend on ‘funny’ and interesting blogs of others, too much copying of what’s out there already.
    Too little focus (and progress) on my own ‘blog-mission’, too little progress on the work I should be doing to progress my business 😉

    Thanks for the reminder, I’ll start time-planning next 😉

    Coffee-breaks are nice though, will plan appropriate time for them – otherwise everything things gets too boring and too serious.

    Karin H. H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  7. Dawud Miracle says


    Thank you. Funny thing is I’m often filled with hope as well.

    Karin H.,

    Coming right up.

    I do understand. At times I find it difficult to balance my blogging with my work. It doesn’t happen too often, but it does happen – and can throw me off.

    Great that you can schedule in some fun.

  8. Liz Strauss says

    Hi Dawud,
    What cool relationship to share with your readers — meeting in the comment box around the word hope.

    Can’t argue with that. 🙂

  9. Liz Strauss says

    Well, Dawud,
    If I might be literal and take that question in a direction that you’re not expecting, and apply it only to the folks you know and love . . . what we have on that rare occasion is each other. 🙂

  10. Liz Strauss says

    Like my husband,you just didn’t know where to put the period. (He said once, “Honey, you’re beautiful. for an old one. ”

    You are the sky. that holds up the light.

  11. Don't Quit Blogging says

    What I feel can make a difference, though, is for me to remember to talk with you. To invite you over for coffee and a chat

    I really like the statement above with the link to the post : starbuck and blog

    nice writing 🙂
    i won’t quit blogging too


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