have you forgotten why you're in businessIt’s true, I am guilty.

The past few years has seen my life take many unexpected twists and turns. All right, let’s not sugar coat it. There were times where events in my personal life seemed flat out impossible to deal with. I won’t get into the gory details here but it was horrific at times. I suffered, my kids suffered, and my business suffered.

So often these past few years I was just getting by; doing what I could to keep my family going. I had lovely clients and did good work for them. I always tried to give my best to my clients. But due to my personal life I could never be as engaged with my business…with my clients…as I wanted to be. Honestly, it just wasn’t possible.

In that time I stopped being ‘me.’

Of course, I was still Dawud Miracle. But I wasn’t living who I am inside; wasn’t sharing my innate self with the world – family, friends, clients, etc. I got way off track. I stopped doing the things that made me successful, not just in business but in my own life as well. You see, in some ways, I forget who I am. And, in turn, I forgot what my business was about.

I’m happy to say that the situations that caused all the turmoil in my personal life are over. In turn I have new clarity in all aspects of my life – as a man, a dad, a son, a brother, a friend, and yes, as a business owner. I’ve also found a renewed desire to deeply serve people.

That brings me to you.

I’ve never really left you. Yet here have been times when I’ve not been completely present with you either. In ‘just getting by’ these past few years I’ve forgotten who you are to me. I’ve forgotten to explain how I can best serve you. I also forgot to keep asking myself my four core questions – Who am I? What do I do? Who do I do it for? Why do I do it. Heck, I’ve even forgotten why I started this business 17 years ago in the first place. And for this, I’m guilty.

So let’s start off on a new foot, if that’s all right with you.

Who Am I? I’m Dawud Miracle. I’m a single father of four amazing kids. I’m deeply spiritual yet very grounded in the world. I have a vast business, marketing and sales background. And I run a small website design and marketing business.

What Do I Do?  In a nutshell, I help conscious business owners find simplicity and overcome the overwhelm of doing business online. By conscious business owners I mean coaches, consultant, healers and all other professionals who’s business is to make a difference in the world while also making a comfortable living.

Who Do I Do It For? You. If the core of why you’re in business is to make the world a better place to live in, then we’re synergistic partners. If you’re about making meaning with your business you’re in the right place. And if your focus is on using consciousness and spiritual principles in your business, look no further for someone to help you with your website and marketing needs in a grounded and simple way.

Why Do I Do It? Because I can. Really. As I said above, I’m a deeply spiritual person who, himself, wants to large and positive impact on the world. Yet, I’m grounded in solid webdesign practices and have a long background in business development and marketing. What’s more, I have this knack of being able to simplify complex things for people. The last piece is while I understand the internet and can clearly teach about it, I’m not a geek and will meet people where they are – beginner or expert. So changing the world by helping you and hundreds of other people like you make your difference in the world. All of us working together can, then, make a much larger impact than any of us could by ourselves.

To wrap it all up: I’m a website designer and marketing coach with a deeply spiritual life who simplifies all aspects of doing business online for my clients while helping them make a difference in the world through their business.

This is why I’m in business. I’ve known this all along, but forgot it in my personal life mess. For that, I’m sorry.

So let me ask you:

Have you forgotten why you’re in business? Have you let the overwhelm and complexity of having a website and marketing online stop you from making your difference in the world? If so, tell me about it in the comments. I’ll read and reply. 

And if you want to discuss your specific situation, please take advantage of my free 20 minute Advisory Session. This call is all about you. At the very least you’ll have answers to questions and greater clarity on how to move forward.  Talk to you soon.

(note: image from nOvi on Flickr, some rights reserved)

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