On just about every website, your homepage will be seen by more people than any other page. Your homepage, hence, is really the most important page of your website. 

If people don’t immediately connect to what you’re about and what you can do for them, they’ll simply go somewhere else. 

So getting your homepage right is critical to having your website help you get clients.

But one thing to consider – you don’t want a homepage that tries to do everything. You want your homepage to let people know their in the right place and then get them to click deeper into your website. In other words, keep your homepage simple, clear, easy-to-use and without a bunch of clutter.

Let’s take a look at 5 things you can do to improve your homepage:

1. Have a clear objective

The first thing is to have a clear objective. Make sure you know you the primary goal of your homepage. And then make sure it’s presenting that goal to your visitors in a way they want.

For instance, if you’re looking to nurture new clients, make sure you’re homepage communicates exactly what you can do for them and then gives them an easy-to-do call-to-action.

2. Keep your homepage simple

The second step is to keep it simple. Of course your homepage to have what you need on it. But don’t over do it. Take everything off your homepage you can while still supporting your primary goal.

For instance, people don’t need 17 paragraphs of text explaining your work on your homepage. Give them a great headline and some introductory text then a button that allows them to read more. People scan way more than read. So make it easy for them to use your homepage – and click through deeper into your site.

3. Call to action

Your homepage – and every other page on your website for that matter – must have a call-to-action. You want your visitors to ‘do’ something on your site. Not just read and leave. Most of the time this will be an email signup. But maybe not. It could joining a Facebook group or following you on the social platform you have a community on. Just make it easy for your visitors to complete your call-to-action.

And…don’t worry about ‘above the fold.’ You want your calls-to-action in context to your content. If that means it fits better further down the page, then put it there. Unless you have a killer freebie product people don’t signup for your list without the context of what you can do for them.

4. Links…buttons

The last thing that can change your homepage today is use buttons and links. Give people every opportunity to click past your homepage and go deeper into your website. Just make sure the content you’re linking them to is highly valuable to them.

For instance, you may publish excerpts of your best blog posts on your homepage. Don’t publish the entire posts. Rather, give them a taste and have them click a button to read the whole post deeper in your website. Then make sure you have an offer or a call-to-action that fits what they likely need.

Your homepage is vital to the success of your website. These 4 steps should help you get more from your homepage.

But now, a couple of questions for you:

  • Which of these 4 steps is your homepage doing well with?
  • And which could you being doing better?

Go on, fix what’s not working…

And let me know if you need any help.

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