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5 Most Common Website Mistakes to Fix Right Now

We all make mistakes. That’s true in our lives. And it’s true with our websites.

Sometimes in the midst of building our websites we miss some very important bits – like making our phone number easy to find or not hiding our best content.

Here’s 5 of the most common website mistakes I see that you want to fix right now:

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3 Colossal Reasons For A Mobile Friendly Website – Don’t Ignore These!!

How does my website look on my phone?

Have you asked yourself that question lately? More importantly, have you looked at your site on your phone?

Well if you haven’t, you need too.

Sorry to be so blunt but this isn’t something you want to ignore. If you have a website you need to know what it looks like on your phone; you need to know is it mobile friendly or not.

And if not, you need to do something about it. Not later, now!

Here’s 3 colossal reasons you need to make sure your website is mobile friendly:

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