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Aweber Forms – Easier is Better

Aweber is constantly creating a better and better service for their users. That’s one of the reasons I like using them so much.

Now, creating forms for your website using Aweber’s Web Form Generator just became simpler and more intuitive. And the ‘how-to’ video makes learning easy.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of the changes that Aweber has been making lately, with the obvious exception of their massive increase in price for users with many opt-in subscribers. I wish the analytics package was something they left out.

  2. George Snyder says:

    I would agree with your post, but not so much with the previous comment, no offense, I really get a kick out of the analytics they do help with the split testing etc. I have bmarked yoursite, atb George

  3. Love Aweber and the new analytics, the price is a bit steep but it very useful and can help to make more $$ that will inturn pay for the price difference.
    They should have an option to use the analytics or not….

  4. Aweber has been great,it is worth every buck I paid for it.

  5. CPA Networks says:

    we are currently using Aweber to set up our own ezine it very flexible but also there is a bit of a learning curve but worth learning and has been very valuable to my business.

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