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Integrate Aweber with Blogger

If you use Aweber and blog, this could quickly become one of your favorite features.

Imagine, being able to distribute your blog posts to your email list automatically – without having to log into your Aweber account. And if you publish your enewsletter/ezine in your blog, Aweber can deliver it to your list as well.

The setup is pretty simple – just add your RSS feed to your Aweber account. This article lists the integration with Blogger. But it’s really the same process for any blog that has RSS capabilities. I use Aweber to manage the list of people who want to receive my RSS feeds by email instead of in their feed reader.

You can also automate the distribution of your enewsletter/ezine using the same method. This can save quite a bit of time over using the usual broadcast edit option. And if you set your Aweber list to auto send, you don’t even have to que your messages to be sent.

How I do this is I publish all my enewsletters to one category. I then connect my blog to my newsletter list on Aweber using an RSS feed for that category only. Of course, to do this you’ll need to publish your enewsletters/ezines in a blog AND you’ll need to use a blogging solution that lets you place your posts into categories.

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  1. Dawud – thanks so much for helping me on this. I really like this feature – it works perfectly!!

  2. You’re welcome, Dave. I’m a big fan of a number of Aweber’s capabilities. Managing and auto-sending RSS feeds to an email list is a great feature. And there’s talk of Aweber adding even more in the coming months.

  3. Super – cannot wait to see more!

  4. I really want to learn more about AWEBER. I am just starting to learn about it, thanks to your blog. Its really helpful for me.


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