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Why Email Marketing IS Interruption Marketing

A few days back I asked the question, is email marketing dead? The conversation that sparked had a range of opinions. Some felt it is dead, some that it’s very much alive. Others agreed that it’s evolving. Read the comments and add your two cents, if you like.

One side conversation that developed from ask whether email marketing is dead was whether email marketing is a form of interruption marketing.

Personally, I think it is. So let’s begin on the same foot by defining interruption marketing. Basically, interruption marketing is any tactic used to market anything that works only if they (the marketers) interrupt your life to get� your attention. In other words, interruption marketing is just that – it interrupts you and what you’re doing and steals away your time.

If we consider email marketing in that light, how is it not a form of interruption marketing?

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

According to some, email marketing is dead because of beefed up spam filters. Others say that interruption marketing – where you’re life is interrupted by some marketing pitch has reached the end of its effectiveness. Email marketing is definitely a part of interruption marketing.

But what’s the truth? Have we reached a point where we should dump our email lists and find other channels to market through? Or is email marketing still as viable as it always has been?

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Why Your Newsletter Content Should Come From Your Blog

If you blog do you really need a newsletter?

That’s the question I asked the other day which led to an interesting, and in some cases spirited, conversation. I love that we have the space and freedom to openly share our opinions. And I’m grateful that you feel comfortable enough to be open and honest here, in our comment box.

One statement that was made a few times in our conversation is how your newsletter content shouldn’t be separate from your blog content. So should your newsletter articles be different from your blog content?

This is a question that I get asked often. And my answer has evolved over time. At first I thought, “yes, they should be separate.” But now I feel the opposite. Your newsletter subscribers should be able to find your newsletter content on your blog…AND, before they get your newsletter.


Let’s think about the purpose of an e-newsletter. While it serves many, the main reasons you have a newsletter is to keep in contact with people who have some interest in your business. In doing so you want to give them valuable articles that can help them, build trust and pitch products and services. In other words, your newsletter is about building a relationship.

Yet a newsletter is quite limited in how it does this. Basically, you send it out and it arrives in subscriber’s inbox. They decide to read it or not. And if they do read it, they decide whether they’re going to select one of your offers. That’s pretty much it. The relationship and trust are built through multiple editions and by giving them great content.

But your newsletter can be so much more in building trust and relationship.

Imagine if your newsletter article was only the beginning of a conversation. With it, you simply kicked off an interesting topic that could be discussed, debated and shared easily. You would gain and your readers would as well. And, the conversation would go much further toward building trust with your subscribers.

Well, isn’t that was a blog does?

So forget exclusive content for your newsletter. Your readers likely don’t care if your content is exclusive or not. What they care about is whether the content adds to their life or their business. And if you help them, they’re going to want to get to know you better. And that’s what your blog can do.

Use your newsletter to direct them to the comment box on your blog. Create conversation…build relationships. Let your newsletter become the beginning of an interactive exchange between you and people who are interested in what you offer.

If you’re doing this already, I’d love to hear your experiences. If not, let’s talk about why? And if you’re opposed to publishing all your newsletter content on your blog, I’d love to hear more. So let’s talk…

Mine Is Bigger Than Yours – I Mean, My Mailing List

So many of my clients and peers are concerned about the size of their email newsletter/ezine list. But does size really matter?

Mark Brownlow from Email Marketing Reports suggests not. He sites the example of people being afriad to loose numbers from their list. His take is that good lists are not necessarily large ones. Good lists, are those whose members respond to our messages.

I have to agree. There’s so much focus on the size of lists today that people forget about the quality.

Take two clients I have. One has a list of around 10,000 while another has a list of about 3,000. You’d think by sheer numbers the person with the largest list would be getting more business, right?

Wrong. My client with 3,000 has really taken the time to understand how to leverage his list. He write really good articles and makes just the right offers that get people to act. The result is that he gets about 3 times more business through his list than my client with the larger list.

Why, because he’s not obsessed with the size of his list. He’s more interested in the quality of the people on this list. And he understands what they want and need. Much of this is accomplished by his very clear web copy. When you signup for his list, it’s because you really want what he’s offering.

The other client, with the larger list, does great work, but her site and newsletter lack the clarity that my first client has. Her business is flourishing. She’s just not leveraging her list in the same way as my first client is.
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Integrate Aweber with Blogger

If you use Aweber and blog, this could quickly become one of your favorite features.

Imagine, being able to distribute your blog posts to your email list automatically – without having to log into your Aweber account. And if you publish your enewsletter/ezine in your blog, Aweber can deliver it to your list as well.

The setup is pretty simple – just add your RSS feed to your Aweber account. This article lists the integration with Blogger. But it’s really the same process for any blog that has RSS capabilities. I use Aweber to manage the list of people who want to receive my RSS feeds by email instead of in their feed reader.

You can also automate the distribution of your enewsletter/ezine using the same method. This can save quite a bit of time over using the usual broadcast edit option. And if you set your Aweber list to auto send, you don’t even have to que your messages to be sent.

How I do this is I publish all my enewsletters to one category. I then connect my blog to my newsletter list on Aweber using an RSS feed for that category only. Of course, to do this you’ll need to publish your enewsletters/ezines in a blog AND you’ll need to use a blogging solution that lets you place your posts into categories.

Aweber Forms – Easier is Better

Aweber is constantly creating a better and better service for their users. That’s one of the reasons I like using them so much.

Now, creating forms for your website using Aweber’s Web Form Generator just became simpler and more intuitive. And the ‘how-to’ video makes learning easy.