Michael Miller over at informit.com has written a nice article exploring some of Google’s lesser known features. Here’s a list from the site. The article goes into an explanation of each feature. Definitely work a looksee.

  1. Google Is a Calculator
  2. Google Knows Mathematical Constants
  3. Google Converts Units of Measure
  4. Google Is a Dictionary
  5. Google Is a Glossary
  6. Google Lists All the Facts
  7. Google Displays Weather Reports
  8. Google Knows Current Airport Conditions
  9. Google Tracks Flight Status
  10. Google Tracks Packages
  11. Google Is a Giant Phone Directory
  12. Google Knows Area Codes
  13. Google Has Movie Information
  14. Google Loves Music
  15. Google Knows the Answer to the Ultimate Question

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  1. George @ Wefly says

    It’s so nice to read this 4 year old post, and realise how much google could do four years ago. The only new thing that I can think of that was added is probably Google Plus, instant search and previews of websites. Oh and also spoken queries.

    But they certainly have been busy expanding into mobile space (android) and google maps/local search results.

    Is there anything I wish google could do? It would be cool if it was like iPhone’s Siri, ie allow queries with a more natural use of language!

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