I was reading Wendy Piersall’s post this morning on Easton Ellsworth’s Scratch One Another Program (SOAP). I was thoroughly intrigued. So much so that I’ve already filled out the one-minute questionnaire.

SOAP is a free blogging tips exchange program. Easton wants to get 100 bloggers who can SOAP each other up and scratch each other’s backs by March 31, 2007. It’s free and all you have to do to get free blogging advice is give some free advice to another blogger that he will assign to you.

This sounds like a great opportunity to both share and learn, as well as meet other bloggers. Easton has more details at Pass The SOAP: Improve Blogs With The Scratch One Another Program.

And if you already know you’re interested, then head on over and fill-in the SOAP questionnaire.

One note, photo borrowed from Business Blogwire’s site.

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  1. marietta luxury homes says

    Definitely. That’s actually a great idea. We all know how tough blogging can be at times and having a group to stand behind us and help us through is just what we need to get over that hump. I mean, who can better understand what we’re going through other than people who are doing the exact same thing as us?

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