How many times have you left a comment on someone’s blog because you really wanted to engage in a conversation?

I’ve done this plenty. But to keep in the conversation, I’ve had to do one of three things: Either I grab a comment rss feed – but those are rare; bookmark the page – easy to forget about; or send a link to myself by email – not efficient.

So engaging in conversations in comments has been quite a pain in the rear – until now.

cocomment.jpgA few weeks ago I got tired of trying to track the comments I had left on other blogs myself. So I poked around the web and found a few services that would help me track comments. I ended up choosing coComment (though I was really close to choosing co.mments).

Since choosing coComment, my blogging life has changed considerably. I now can comment on any number of blogs and then easily track the conversations around my comments in one, easy-to-use place. I select which comment threads I want to track – coComment does the rest. And I can stop tracking any comment at any time.
Of course, there are other features as well. But I’ll let The Blog Herald, TechCrunch, Solution Watch, Jason Powell, or Business Blogwire tell you more. As I said, co.mments is a pretty nice solution as well. You can read Michael’s review at TechCrunch.

CoComment really has changed the way I blog. Now I want to get into conversations in other blogger’s comments because I know I can easily track how the conversation goes.

How have you been tracking your comments? Do you even bother? Why/why not? As my three year-old daughter says to me, “tell me all about it.”

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  1. Dawud Miracle says

    Karin H.,

    Thanks Karin H.. I’m fine with YOU calling me an expert. I just don’t feel it’s right for me to call myself an expert.

    In all seriousiness, coComment has made a huge difference for me in tracking conversations. And there are other tools, as well, that are helping me.

    But what tools/services do you feel are indispensible with your blogs?

  2. Anonymous says

    Handy tools?

    Keyboard 😉

    No to be honest, this is the tool I use most (unfortunately).
    Google reader of course and the blog itself (utilities like uploading pictures, adding/changing HTML etc) Typepad I find more easier to use than ‘blogger’ and please don’t talk about Squidoo – not really a blog but not really anything else also.

  3. Dawud Miracle says

    Karin H.,

    Keyboard is a good one. Being a Mac user, I find the mouse invaluable.

    Google reader is nice. I use it a bit. My main feed reader, however, is NetNewsWire. Really dig it. What features do you use the most in Google Reader?

    Squidoo…I have a lens – just don’t use it.

  4. Anonymous says

    Sorry Dawud, got side-tracked by two turtles (don’t ask)

    I’m pretty new to Google Reader, have just added – thanks to you – a folder for my blog searches, and sometimes star an article – like this one, so I can track it back when I find time to make this tip of you work (as I said before, got side-tracked by two turtles and that has ’caused’ more time than I thought)

    What are the features you use (any more tips, please?)

  5. Dawud Miracle says

    Karin H.,

    Isn’t comment tracking cool?

    With Google Reader…I really like being able to star and share items. I also like the ease of subscribing to feeds. I also like tagging – great feature. And if you use Google Homepage, it’s pretty cool to be able to put custom feeds on it.

    I’m not overly fond of the post layout – which is probably the biggest reason I still use NetNewsWire.

  6. Anonymous says

    Hi Dawud

    Combined CoComments with Google Reader, that is quite handy also, evrything in one place now 😉
    (Don’t have a Google homepage, not sure what to do with it – yet)

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