All of us (okay, the great majority of us) in the blogosphere get how to subscribe to a blog feed. Though it’s amazing how few people outside our world understand how to get feeds. Many have no idea what a feed really is or how it can benefit them and their businesses.

My friend Rich Brooks from Flyte has tried to help with his post a few day back, How to Subscribe to a Blog Feed. Mike, from Converstations, the folks over at Business Blog Consulting, and I have tried to get the word out.

You may wonder how people can regularly read dozens or even hundreds of blogs. Do these people visit dozens or hundreds of blogs a day, on the hope that each one has a new post worth reading and reviewing? How do they get any work done? Don’t they have lives?!?

NetnewswireThe answer is that they use newsreaders to subscribe to multiple blogs. With a newsreader–like my personal favorite, NetNewsWire, (sorry, Mac only!) or Bloglines–you can quickly scan dozens of different blogs in a format that looks a lot like an email program.

However, subscribing to a blog feed isn’t as intuitive as it should be. The very act that we’ve trained people to do on the Web–click on a link–brings up a page of XML mumbo-jumbo.

His video, How-To Subscribe to a Blog Feed: The Movie!, does a nice job covering subscribing to an online service, like Bloglines. Definitely worth a watch.

Thanks Rich.

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