There’s a number of bloggers I really enjoy reading – both from their writing style and for the great content they put up. Ben Yoskovitz is one of those folks. He calls himself an “Entrepreneur, opportunity seeker and instigator!” And going by the great posts he puts up at Instigator Blog I would have to agree with him being an instigator. I read his blog daily and I often come away with a new and useful approach to blogging.

Here’s some of my favorite posts from the past month or so…

Each of these posts offer great advice that will help you grow your blog traffic and increase your business success. I highly recommend subscribing to Ben’s feed if you’re not already.

Just a note, I’m gaining nothing of trackbacks on this post as I’ve already commented on most of these posts. I’m sharing these with you because I want to pass on a really great resource to you.

What great resources do you want me to know about?

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  1. John Skinner says

    I’m new to blogging, but I’ve already benefited much from Ben’s advice. His advice has made me want to learn much more.


  1. […] Ben Yoskovitz Really Is An Instigator — posted Feb. 16, 2007 at Healthy Webdesign. This one is a bit of a different twist. Dawud has posted links from another blog which are articles on that blog to help you build your traffic. Instead of having to visit and dig them out yourself, he’s done the work. […]

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