You know, I’ve never really been one for conferences. Outside of MacWorld in San Francisco, they’ve never really lived up to the hype. So while I still go to conference from time to time, it’s often without much excitement.

Yet, as SOBCon07 gets closer, I can’t help but be excited. I going to get to rub elbows with 250 other bloggers – a number of whom I’ve already met in the blogosphere. So it’s going to be great to meet up.

And the presenters…come on. Some really great bloggers, and even better people. Phil Gerbyshak, Liz Strauss, David Armano, Mike Sansone, Drew McLellan, Mike Wagner, Terry Starbucker, Rodney Rumford, Ben Yoskovitz, Chris Cree, Scott Rafer, Diego Orjuela, Vernon Lun and Wendy Piersall are all top-notch. Throw in Andy Sernovitz, who literally wrote the book on Word of Mouth Marketing and you’ve got one great conference.

But there’s more to it. SOBCon07 is going to a different kind of conference. Liz has said again and again that they want the conference to be about the conversation. That’s right, the presenters are going to start the conversation and the attendees will pick it up and carry it along. Sounds like blogging, huh?

And look at some of the bloggers who are attending…

Sandra Renshaw Brad Shorr Timothy Johnson Tammy Lenski John Yedinak Joe Hauckes Tim Draayer Jeremy Geelan Carolyn Manning Sheila Scarborough Steve Farber Dawud Miracle (that’s me) Doug Mitchell Jeff O'Hara Dave Schoof Jamy Shiels Adam Steen Hannah Steen Chris Thilk Barry Zweibel Eric Bingen Ellen Moore Cord Silverstein Jean-Patrick Smith James Walton Sharan Tash Vernon Lun Tony Lee Paul Mangalik Scott Desgrosseilliers Mark Murrell Muhammed Saleem Kammie Kobyleski Easton Ellsworth Mark Goodyear Ann Michael Kent Blumberg Ashley Cecil Robert Hruzek Sabu N G Mazur Krystyna Lisa Gates Franke James Chris Brown Troy Worman Karen Putz Chelsea Vincent Jesse Petersen Terry Mapes Andy Brudtkuhl Premchand Kallan Lucia Mancuso Peter Flaschner Derrick Sorles Michael Snell Ella Wilson Mike Rohde Ayush Agarwal Thomas Clifford

The whole event is going to be a dynamic, open conversation. Not a bunch of lectures. But an open, free-flowing conversation all centered around taking your blog to the next level. How can you miss that?

Well don’t! Register today and join the conversation.

And if you’re coming, leave me a comment. I’d love to have a chance to get to know you before I come.

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  1. Chris Cree says

    Dawud, I think this is going to be the one that folks will talk about long after it’s done! I’m looking forward to meeting you (and all the other wonderful folks) in Chicago in May!

  2. Robert Hruzek says

    Gee, that math problem in order to comment is tough! 😀

    Hey, Dawud, I’ll be there – see ya!

  3. Dawud Miracle says


    Yeah, I know. I’m actually not sure if the math filter is really cutting spam. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to just change the comment files names. I’ve heard that it all but kills spam.

    Looking forward to meeting you there, Robert. Thanks.

  4. Phil Gerbyshak says

    This is going to be an awesome conference, where the participants are just as or more important as the folks leading the conversation.

    See you, and many of your readers, at SOBCon in Chicago, May 11 and 12!

  5. derrick sorles-web 2.0 consultant says

    Hi there! My partner Michael and I are both attending! It’s really going to be great I think! LOTS of great people and LOTS of information! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  6. Mark Goodyear says

    Dawud, great post. And a great reminder to start getting excited.

    The more I think about this conference, the more excited I get.

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