Get your Blogging Tips from Douglas Karr at The Marketing Technology Blog:

Let's not waste each others' time! I want to help your blog or website quickly and efficiently AND you'll get some link love on my blog.

That mention will drive traffic and help with your rankings in Technorati and the Search Engines. In order to do that, I've got to sneak up on your blog, and tip it!

How to get your Blog Tipped:

  1. Mention my blog in your post, here's the HTML:
    <a href=”” title=”The Marketing Technology Blog”>Get your Blogging Tips from Douglas Karr at The Marketing Technology Blog</a>
  2. Drop me a line in the comments of this post with a link to your post.

My promise: I'll spend a couple minutes reviewing your layout, usability, SEO, and your latest posts to find something that will help tweak your website or blog. I'll make an effort to make the tip unique to every blog or website rather than trying to wuss out and collectively ‘tip' multiple blogs.

Sounds like a pretty cool deal, huh?

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  1. Manidip Chakraborty says

    Hi Douglas

    This is Manidip. I am trying internet marketing for 2 years and still did not able to manage to earn a penny. So Mr. Ankesh told me to blog and to see your posting in dmiracle. I exactly did that and want your help.

    I have started a blog recently on Vedic knowledge , posted 3 articles also , and want to get success in that.

    I know all possible techniques to earn money online.

    Please help me.

    Kind regards

  2. Dawud Miracle says


    You’re welcome.


    Just from reading your blog and listening to what you write, it sounds like the problem you’re having is in how your content reacts with your readers. To grow an income with your blog, you need to develop a relationships with your readers. Then they click on links that pay you.

  3. French Property says

    Hi I just started blogging and I agree with this theory completely. I had one of my previous sites blocked and thrown out of Google I think because of a company I hired to do SEO so now I have started again and am blogging my way back 🙂


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