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Great Resources For New Bloggers

confused.jpgI’ll be the first to admit it…I love blogging. It’s done nothing less than enhance the way I do business; opening relationships and opportunities that just weren’t available before I started blogging.

So I’m a huge advocate for people who want to begin blogging. As a matter of fact, while I still design and build websites (and blogs), I’m doing far more coaching and consulting with people who want to use their blog to increase their reach and grow their business.

One thing I’m constantly doing is suggesting blogs that new bloggers can read to learn more about blogging. And it’s been my intention for quite some time to create a list of blogs as a resource for new bloggers. These would be blogs and bloggers who I hold in high regard and who I, myself, continue to learn from.

But it looks like my colleague Drew McClellan beat me to the punch. He’s just released his New Blogger’s Toolbox. The Toolbox is a listing of bloggers who many of us consider great resources for learning the art of blogging. And since his list is pretty much the same as the one I’d put together, I thought I’d simply recreate here for you and all the people I speak with about blogging.

Drew also divided his list into useful categories. So here you go:

Chock Full of Practical Tips

Living Lab on Writing Compelling Blog Posts

How to Build Community

Teach Marketing Tools

Welcome Wagons for Newbies

Contributors to Drew’s Toolbox:

Thanks Drew, for putting this list together and making it available to all of us. You know, if you combine this list with my Ultimate WordPress Resource Guide, you’ve got just about everything you need to be a successful blogger.

And, if you have a blog that you think should be included that isn’t, please let me know in the comment box so I can add them and pass them on to Drew.

Also, in the future I’ll be sending lots of people to this page as a resource. So if you have comments on how any of these bloggers have helped you, please include it below…and know you’re helping someone who is learning how to blog.

(note: image Confused from An’veula on Flickr)

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  1. Mack Collier says:

    Dawud thanks for the link-love, and Drew does a great job of looking out for ‘blogging newbies’ 😉

  2. Barry Morris says:

    I just closed one year of solid year of hyper-learning with Sean D’Souza and now you give me this? 😉

    Seriously, thanks for the list. Mega helpful.

  3. Douglas Karr says:

    Sniff 🙁

  4. Dawud, thanks for getting the word out about the Toolbox!

  5. This is really awesome… this looks like real encyclopedia of blogging knowledge. Thank you very much for pointing out to it.

  6. Awesome awesome post!!!!!
    Have mixxed it. Loved it through and through. Kudos Dawud.


  7. I glanced at Drew’s info and it looks to be very useful. I’ve book marked the link you provided to his toolbox, so that I can go back and read more into it.

  8. Dawud this is a great list. Thanks to you and Drew! I’m glad that you’re on here. You’ve been an amazing model in the area of creating and sustaining conversation! And of course, Wendy, at emomsathome has been an amazing source of information and inspiration. Many more on the list that I could comment about, but I’ll leave it at that.

  9. I’m blogging this as well as I write this; it will publish Monday.

    I’m a little surprised not to see John Chow?

  10. I’m part of the Living Lab? Wow, thanks for the link love and the praise!

  11. Thanks for the link, Dawud. You are right, Drew’s Toolbox is a great idea.

  12. C.B.,
    Certainly. Do you have any other resources you’d suggest?

    He sure does. I recommend his site to bloggers often.

    My pleasure. I’ve never been one to shy away from more work. 🙂 Really, enjoy.

    There’s so much good information out there that it’s hard to call any list a definitive one. But I think this is a great start – especially for conversational bloggers. Anyone you feel is missing?

    EVERYONE, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOUGLAS’ BLOG, too. And have added him to the resource list (sorry you didn’t get in there the first go round).

    Thanks. In the list, who would you consider a ‘sleeper?’ You know, someone who most folks wouldn’t know?

    Great. Check back often as I’ll like make additions.

    Thanks. I try. Most of all, I’m hear to serve you…

    John Chow has some good advice from time to time. I, personally, don’t really follow his approach, though. I think we’re after different things.

    Venomous Kate,
    You are. And it’s my pleasure.

    Drew has lots of great ideas. I’m just happy I could share one of them with everyone.

  13. This is something that is likely to be extremely useful to me shortly. The timing of this blog is uncanny. It is as though, I am getting a message from above, if you believe in that!

  14. Hi Dawud, thanks for the link love — can’t believe my little blog is on this list with all of these truly amazing blogs! Glad I found your blog, too — it’s great! I’m adding you to my blogroll today!
    Thanks again,

  15. Dawud,

    Thanks for sharing the blogger’s toolbox with everyone.

    For those who are unhappy that they weren’t included — everyone on the list was a reader’s suggestion.

    I’m happy to add a “self nominee” to the list as long as they also provide 3 other great blogs to include with their own induction!

    The more tools we offer newbies the better, I say!


  16. Thanks for all the info! I’m going to be doing a lot of reading and hopefully start my blog soon!

  17. Dauwd, thanks for listing me with bloggers who help folks build community… I’ve learned from some of the best out there, like yourself.

  18. I never had any success on the internet until I started blogging…and using wordpress. The functionality is second to none. The best part is other blogger’s helpfulness along the way, like this post!

  19. Very good info… Thanks!

  20. Chris Brown says:


    Great list, I’m going to be sending this link out quite often, I can tell!

    Chris Brown
    Branding & Marketing blog

  21. Home Recording,
    Does that make me a prophet? Lord, I hope not.

    You’ve got a great blog. And I know what you mean about your ‘little blog’ making a list like this. Just goes to show you that people love what you’re doing.

    Thank you, my friend, for putting the list together.

    And if there’s any way I can help out, let me know.

    Hey, great to see you. And how would any listing about blogging be complete without Brain Based Biz?

    WordPress huh? Boy, you came to the right place. I’m a WP junkie, that’s for sure.

    And I think you comments are a testament to blogging. I’ve seen dozens of businesses change through blogging. I’d love to hear more about how blogging increased your success.

    Living Room,
    You’re welcome. Anything to add?

    Absolutely. How has blogging enhanced your business?

    Hey there. Great to see you. How are things?

  22. says:

    Thanks for the list. I’m a bit surprised there’s no reference to John Chow, but then again this is an excellent compilation overall.

  23. Advice Network says:

    Wow, what a list. Maybe it is late in the day, but I can’t rap my brain around it!

  24. Laser Hair Removal says:

    Thanks a lot Dawud. This toolbox has been very helpful for me. I have just recently registered my new blog domain.

  25. Malignition,
    I think John tends to be a bit controversial in his approach so while he’s extremely popular, he’s also sometimes not looked at as someone bloggers want to be associated with.

    I know. Great group of people, too.

    I hope it is. enjoy it.

  26. I have 2 more great tools to consider:

    1. A Pen
    2. A small pocket-sized notepad

    You can use the pen to write any idea you have on the paper. This comes in handy whenever you are not near an Internet connection.

    It seems so obvious, but pen and paper are still great tools for blogging.

  27. Great list…will my blog make this list,dawud?

  28. Thanks a lot for the list! Very useful for new-born bloggers, like me 🙂

  29. DH Wall,
    Right on. I couldn’t agree more. It’s actually something I should remember doing myself more often. So thanks for the reminder.

    Certainly. In the spirit of giving, how about nominating two other blogs that would be great for beginners and I’ll consider adding you?

    You’re welcome. There’s some great stuff on the list.

  30. i am happy that someone is here to assisst newbies.i too wanna assist i am giving out free domains at my blogs for blogging.

  31. How about

    and for tech blog:

    I found them good….

  32. m07,
    Some of the work I do is about coaching and advising new bloggers in how to use their blogs to build interest in their business.

    Both great. I love DoshDosh.

  33. usa newspapers news says:

    You are on the way of educating the best bloggers and your hard competitors:)

  34. usa,
    I love to share what I know…and I care less about my competition. I focus on how we can work together because I’ve seen, first hand, that there’s enough business for everyone.

  35. Niall Devitt Sales Trainer says:

    I have just started Blogging (Jan 08) so this list should come in really useful. Thanks for sharing.

  36. John Electric Razor says:

    There is some great information on this blog. I have read just this one post and im already interested. When I have more time i will have to come back and read everything. Im going to bookmark this right now.

  37. I’m glad there are many people like you do dawud. I mean the one who is already gain experience in the webmaster world, and willing to share some knowledge that very usefull for people who just start making a blog like me.

  38. KarrieTamsin says:

    I create a uncut crowd of soups that check out terrific, and can be made in big batches and frozen.
    Is there any interest?

  39. I read several “good blogs” everyday (The Big Picture is among them). What I find is that when you click on the people who tend to be the most critical and who are downright rude, you find that these people have neither a website, nor a blog of their own, just some generic email account.


  40. ultra hair away says:

    Wow, great resource. I like the comment you made “their is more than enough business to go around”.

    If i could offer some tips i would! but im still new to the blogging game

  41. Stuart Trier says:


    I read both World Wide Rave and New Rules of Marketing and Pr by David Meerman Scott. They were awesome and have dramactially improved my online marketing. My hits have quadrupled and i’m getting a ton of business for my small foot care clinics off the ideas he laid out in his books.

    I started a facbook group to discuss successful implementation of his strategies if anyone wants to join. I’d really like to hear about other peoples success with his ideas and how they implemented them. And i’m willing to share what I have done thus far.


  42. Wow, great resource. I like the comment you made “their is more than enough business to go around”.

    If i could offer some tips i would! but im still new to the blogging game

  43. Excellent article. I recently started my new blog and was searching for information related to blog resources and come visited your post. Excellent list of all the resources. Thanks For sharing this excellent information.

  44. sajan kota says:

    Great post,I am sure if you say these are useful resources, they must really be so.Thanks for sharing such a informative post.


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