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Video Tutorial: Trackbacking with WordPress

Here’s a pretty good video done by Jack Humphrey at The Friday Traffic Report. I found this video on YouTube. Check it out. If you don’t know what trackbacks are, how to create them and what marketing advantages they provide, Jack does a pretty good job with this intro/how-to.

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  1. nice video – I have something similar on mine as well with also goin in depth about trackbacking – which I find real helpful as an author

  2. lantrepreneur

    I’ll take a look. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing.

  3. This was the perfect trackbacking guide. Short and sweet!

  4. Digital Video Editing says:

    That was a great guide, short and right to the point.


  5. says:

    The link is dead 🙁

  6. Online Shopping says:

    Honestly I hadn’t previously attempted to use trackbacks as had no idea what they were. Looks like this video is going to open up a new front for me in terms of marketing. Thanks Dawud for sharing.

  7. O thank you very much. I have been blogging for 1 year and i was not aware of the Trackbacks, just heard of it in some blogs after comments portion 😛 But this video really made me into learn another strategy . Thanks

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