I’m sure you’ve seen Apple’s new hyper-thin laptop the MacBook Air – touted the world’s thinnest notebook. It’s so thin it can fit in a manilla envelope. If you haven’t seen the 30 second TV spot yet, check this out…

Now that you have the background of the original, watch this great parody.

Yes, I’m a Mac user and a huge fan (though I don’t consider myself one of the cult). And yes, I’m planning to get a MacBook Air very soon.

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  1. Home Recording says

    That looks very alluring and I am not surprised that you are planning to get one. Since I am more or less house bound, I use a pc with which I am quite comfortable. My son is a great Mac fan and has been trying to persuade me to switch over, at least with a desk top Mac, which may well be the next one that I shall experiment with.

    What is this about the battery not being replaceable? That means that if the battery conks out, you will have to buy a new notebook. Is this true?

  2. Dawud Miracle says

    It’s not the laptop for everyone. It serves a specific purpose for a specific niche – which I happen to be in. So what the battery isn’t removable? How else can you get such a light-weight, low profile machine?

    Home Recording,
    When the battery conks out, Apple is offering a replacement service – just like on the latest iPods. So I’m not at all concerned about the battery.

    What I’m in it for is a light-weight machine that I can work on for a few hours on the airplane or at a coffee shop away from my office. I have a revved-up Mac Pro in my office with a couple of 23″ cinema displays. That will always be my primary computer. So I’m looking for as lightweight a notebook as possible and the MacBook Air nails it.

    And like all new products…we’ll see.

  3. Free Debt Calculator says

    Holy smokes! What’s with the more expensive model!? Looks like its $3k and the only thing it seems to have over the $1800 model is the Solid State hard drive and .2GHz processor speed? For $1200 that solid state hard drive better let you travel through time, buy another macbook air 20 years from now when its considered a relic for $10, come back, all in enough time to return the original you bought for $3k. I have to admit, I like a lot about macs, but that price is so much more than I’d be willing to pay.

  4. Adam Kayce : Monk at Work says

    I’m a Mac nut, so naturally I’m drooling over a MacBook Air. But, like the sugary donuts at the supermarket, I can pass it up.


    Because it has a few too many limitations (hard drive size, processor speed, etc.). I’d personally rather get a MacBook Pro, with all the bells & whistles. It’s only a few pounds, after all.

    Which isn’t to say that if you get one, Dawud, I’ll be the first one who wants to play with it!

  5. Dawud Miracle says

    Living Room,
    No, it costs $1800. There’s a solid state hard drive option that raises the price to $3000.

    That’s Apple for ya.

    Dining Room,
    Don’t all notebooks? They come out saying 5 hours of battery life and you find that what they meant to say was 2 hours.

    I’ll let you know more when I’m using one.

    Free Debt,
    Remember, this is really a specialty item meant for a niche market. It’s not a notebook replacement for everyone. The MacBook (not MacBook Air) is certainly priced reasonably. And Apple doesn’t skim on parts like most other manufacturers.

  6. RailroadGeek says

    Which Mac Pro do you have? (2 Dual-Core Xeon, 2 Quad-Core Xeon, etc.) The only reason it’s “The World’s Thinnest Notebook” (which isn’t 100% True) is because they cut out all of the features. Ultimately I’d rather carry the extra weight and have the stability of the MacBook Pro.

  7. Dawud Miracle says

    2 Dual-Core Xeon with 4GB RAM, 4x300GB HD with 2 23″ Cinema Displays. Love the system.

    I hear you on the Thinness of the Air. Yet, I don’t see it as a MacBook Pro replacement. I see it as a great, lightweight option that can synch with my MacPro for when I’m on the road. But that means my MacPro always remains my core computer. I like this option, personally.

  8. Ed says

    I just got to have the MacBook Air! – For the ability to practice your turn table skills alone it’s a no brainer 🙂

  9. Matt says

    Thats funny. The no battery thing wouldnt bother me if I could afford one anyways. I’d just get 2.
    Ever seen the MadTV goof on Jobs. Check it out. Its Funny. Heres a link

  10. Polina says

    Ouch… It looks so fragile… With the child running around and taking all she is able to get to, having such a light and thin 3K$ worth thing is potentially dangerous… for the thing…

    A paper seems to be much more useful and long-lasting in this case:))

  11. Devin says

    I heard some company actually made a leather “folder” for the macbook air. It was only a matter of time before someone out there took the commercial idea and turned it into something real. It actually looks good though.

  12. Trevor says

    Macbook Air deservedly holds the crown as the next best thing to a bread knife in the world of laptops. Understandably, people are reluctant to use it as a cutting tool on a regular basis by the high cost of the “knife”, and the fear of damaging the blade. How about Macbook Air being classed as a weapon and not allowed on airplanes anymore?

  13. Gadget Mania says

    That was a funny video . You don’t see much of these videos anymore.

    It really cracked me up, I am just showing it to my brother now and he is loving it too.

  14. iwantafreemacbook says

    How funny is that video! I was going to buy a Macbook air but I think now going to go for one of the new Aluminum ones

  15. faye says

    i am a mac user myself, though i also like the idea of getting my thoughts on the “thin as hell” one… sleek parody… hell yeah!

  16. Dito Delacroix says

    LOL,funny video,hmm i’m a mac user too, addicted to. Hmm Thin is Beautiful ??? I’m consider buy thin aluminum Macbook instead 🙂

  17. Free Macbook says

    Haha this is great
    Have you seen the one thats like goes on about how it’s a paty trick but it’s $3000 well worth it
    thrn it finishes “the new macbook air, why the hell not?” best one out IMO

  18. Free Macbook Air says

    I thought the Macbook Air parody was pretty funny, haha. I wonder if the paper one works as good as the real one.

  19. air sampling supplies says

    I’ve seen lots of stuff about the macbook air and it just looks like another mac. Except this time, they’ve made it weaker. I in general don’t like apple but talk about paying more for less.


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